Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Little Retail Therapy

After being a little down in the dumps the past few weeks what better way to pop a smile back on my face than scouting the sales and doing a little online 'window' retail therapy. 

It makes a change to be scanning clothes for me, usually I am sat here cooing over the boys section in Next, creating an imaginary wish list for Finley's next bundle of clothes. I even hop over to the newborn girls section to coo and 'ahhhh' over those tiny tufty tutus. I tell ya, if we had a girl I don't think she would wear anything but tutus and ribbon headbands!

Usually if I am able to treat myself I head straight to the beauty products section on any website, adding creams and serums to my basket in a hope to cure my ever so sensitive drying skin. (I can tell you Matt shall shake his head whilst reading that last sentence, he is a bar'o'soap and water kinda guy)! But for a change I thought I would peruse ASOS in a hope to find something to hide my tub and....well, fit! 

Since having Finley I haven't bought more than 5 new items of clothing, I am a little scared and just feel generally bleugh about my figure....I know that if I had a slimmer figure and would be able to shop in River Island I could pick up loads of yummy mummy outfits. But being on the chunkier side I find the whole 'Plus Size' thing a bit tough - its soooo difficult to find things that aren't frumpy, tent like or completely wrongly designed for larger frames....Dorothy Perkins I am looking at you!! Yes I have a belly so please allow a few extra inches on the hem to cover it!

 I have recently discovered ASOS curve in a bid to spruce up my lack lustre wardrobe so thought I would show you a few things I liked the look of. You will see I am no fashionista by any means and just currently shopping for comfy everyday clothes, nothing too out there....just yet.

Here are a few of my 'picks' in a wish list form....bearing in mind they are just a wish for now...especially that Whistles Handbag!


1. ASOS Curve Panda Jumper - £18 in the sale
2. Super Sexy Skinny Jeans - £16 also in the sale
3. Prepping for winter already - Fur Trim Flare Coat - £63
4. ASOS Curve T-Shirt in Slub - £14
5. Midi Bodycon Dress - £22
6. Peg Trouser in Charcoal Marl - £14 sale bargain


1. Whistles Burlington Leather Bag - £235 gahhhh!
2. Aubrey Leather Purse - £35 in the sale :)
3. Melissa Bow Pumps - £60
4. Gold Grecian Headband - £8
5. Cute Cable Socks - £4
6. ASOS Side Cross Necklace - £6

I may be brave and take the plunge and order a few things but knowing me they will stay forever in my online basket without ever being checked out! Especially the dress, I love bodycon dresses on a fuller figure, I think they look great but I worry I would resemble a bag of King Edwards! Perhaps a pair of spanx should also appear on this wish list haha. 

If you know of any other cute, fun plus size places to shop please let me know....I am bored of wearing the same old boring comfy pants and tank tops day in day out! I need to break out of this rut and jump back in with all the cool kids....I realised by typing 'cool kids' I shall never be back in that crowd will I? Hehe! Oh well never mind :) 

Oh and thank you all for being so patient with me whilst I had my little freak out! I am feeling much more positive now, just wait till Finley is 18 - He will be shown all these posts and can see just how much he worried his mum silly!

Lots and lots of Love
Kayleigh x


  1. That teal coat is gorgeous! I will definitely be needing a new coat this winter, I would love silly in my maternity one!

    1. Haha I admit that I still sometimes reach for Maternity clothes! I really need to update my wardrobe..especially now that Finley isn't being sick and drooling like he used too! xx


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