Monday, 29 July 2013

The new addition *squeeeeeeee*

You may have seen me mentioning throughout my latest post and also on Twitter that we had some very exciting news coming up, usually the first thought that pops into peoples heads when reading a baby related blog is BABIES....sorry to disappoint everyone but Finley is wayyyyy enough mischief for both Matthew and I to handle haha.

So the next best thing to babies is PUPPIES :D

Ever since I moved in with Matthew way back in 2007 when I was a mini 18 year old I have been pet obsessed, I love any cute little critter, furry or not...(I am quite taken with spyhnx cats but they freak Matthew out so they are struck off the list...for now.) We adopted our first cat Mr T (Oscar Tiddles - but Mr T has just stuck) in 2008 when we finally moved somewhere with a garden and ever since then we have been hooked. Six months later Penelope Pitstop arrived, a tiny little fragile feral kitten I took on with the challenge to bring her out of her shell and get her socialised. They are the best of friends and Penny is near enough fixed :) the only thing is they tend to be outside all the time, meaning no cuddles for us.

Matthew and I were having a chat weeks back and I brought up the 'dog chat' again, for years I have dropped in how lovely a family dog would be but usually he gives me 10 reasons why not too and we forget about it. The main one being as tenants we were never allowed dogs, but now we have moved somewhere we can have all the pets we like :) For some weird reason that night we both made a decision that we definitely want a doggy and we shall get one very soon persistence finally paid off. 

I have never ever owned a dog before but had a fair idea how much work we have to put in, Matthew has had loads of dogs over the years so was well equipped with the knowledge we needed. 

If I pass on one nugget of information I would defo recommend researching the breed you want and why thoroughly, we wanted a cuddly dog that likes lazing on your lap, very loving towards us and kiddies and one that shows no signs of aggression. We initially were looking at a Boarder Collie as Matt had one growing up and loved her but when reading about the breed they just weren't suited to our lifestyle, so I carried on with our search and we came to the decision to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :D 

Initially we were thinking of adopting from a shelter but when we looked all our nearest shelters had older dogs, a number of which couldn't be homed with children or other animals. Plus with me being a 1st time doggie owner I wanted to start off small, I admit I am a little nervous around dogs so having a puppy is perfect as my confidence can grow with them.

After all the chats, research, viewing other dogs and then doing more research we found our new puppy George. 

When we went to see him he was the 1st one to bound over and say hello, nuzzled into my belly and most importantly gave loads of love to Finley. Perfect.

After weeks of waiting we finally picked him up and added him to our family last Friday :D

He is absolutely lovely, so tiny and cuddly with those 'sad' eyes even though really he is just a bundle of fun and so loving. We are all so pleased he is here and cant wait to create so many memories for Finley and his new companion George. 

But beware don't be fooled by his cuteness he is still a typical puppy....excitable, happy, bouncy and rolls everywhere haha, its all part of the fun isn't it? If you can cope with a baby/toddler you can defo manage a puppy but you will need to keep those 'parent' eyes on at all times. He also wakes in the night too, but after researching it shouldn't last too long...not like the 15 months I had with Finley gahhhhh it makes me yawn just thinking about that all over again!

We are so happy to have a new tiny addition to the family and if you want me to add 'puppy updates' to the blog just let me know :) I am in no doubt he will be getting up to some mischief I will capture to share with you all. 

If you have any tips of puppy training advice we welcome all suggestions :) also if you have doggy or puppy blog posts or pictures link them below...I cant get enough cuteness at the mo. 

Happy Welcome George Day 

Lots of Love
Kayleigh x


  1. Omg! George is adorable! I love Cavalier King Charles they such a lovely breed :) Your blog is so cute, new follower xx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  2. He is FIT!! Love him, Oscars new little mate, Oscar says Hi by the way to George :) He's so lovely, I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun with him Oscar is a Cocker Spaniel and has a lovely temperament, all spaniels do, one piece of advice I have is to have him insured, you might already have him insured but if not I would do it, we use direct line as 13 years ago there weren't many places that did it, but they have always been brilliant and paid the wait for it........................................over £45,000 in vets bills we ended up with, yes you read that right FORTY FIVE THOUSAND ENGLISH POUNDS, I am pretty sure we should be invited to the vets christmas do ha ha, Oscar got a nasty infection which started in his ears (typical cocker) and eventually spread to near his brain, so over the years thats apparently what we spent, our vet says Osc is the most expensive doggy in our area, but without insurance I wouldn't have been able to pay. Enjoy him he's lovely and I would love to meet him one day :) lots of love and big cuddles xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. omg, this puppy so cute! so adorable! great post!


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