Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well the diet started on Monday and so far we are still on track :)

A while back I said I had a fair bit of weight to loose but I hadn't expected it to be so much when I stepped on those scales Monday morning! Its a good job I didn't faint with shock because at this weight I doubt Matt would have been able to drag me to safety let alone pick me up!! ha!

I don't just have a few pounds here and there to loose, I am setting my sights on 5! A few years back I lost close to 3 stone so I know a little of what I am letting myself in for. Even losing 5 stone wouldn't be enough weight in the eyes of the NHS for me to be 'normal' but at only 5foot 1inch I am fighting a losing battle to ever be 'normal'. My perfect body will be a little slimmer, still curvy and of course still have chubby cheeks! 

How do I plan to loose the weight? It may not work for most people but I have entered the world of 'very low calorie restricted dieting'. When I lost that extra 3 stone in 2009 I did it through the same method, I saw a surgeon and weight management professional hoping for a gastric band but now I look back and I am glad they said I wasn't ready. They did however show me an alternative route, I eat the same amount I would if I had a band/bypass but without the risks of surgery. You really have to mentally prepare yourself for this one, it is not easy but if you want results then this is a guaranteed plan!

Quick weight loss often results is quick weight gain, very true! That is exactly what happened last time, I admit I lost my first stone in 2 weeks! Then as soon as I fell off I went straight back into my old eating habits, this time I have a plan in place for when I loose the weight, people around me to help and guide me, I have educated myself on how weight loss works and why I gained the weight back.

I do have a couple of 'before' pictures but I am not sure I will post them just yet, maybe when a little slimmer I will feel more confident to show you a comparison. I will also be updating weekly to let you all know how much weight I have lost :D 

Pic from Google
I saw this picture and chuckled so I thought I would pop it here, I couldn't have 2 posts in a row with no pictures! Plus it reminds me of my friend Keri that you can usually find crying over how 'fat' she is whilst eating a cake to cheer herself up :) btw - if Keri is fat I must be the earth haha!

If anyone would like to know anymore information on low calorie dieting please send me a message or pop a note in the comments, I am happy to share my daily diet plan if you like or advice on how to curb cravings! 

Hope all of you who are dieting/eating healthy are doing really well and looking forward to showing off those summers bodies! 

Love Whaley Kayleigh x


  1. I have 6 stone to loose so we will do it together :) x

  2. Kayleigh - the best of luck. I didn't manage to keep the weight off until I changed the way I thought about my weight and food. For years I got on the scales and then told myself off for being so big. I then changed my goal to never putting more weight on - so every day that I was the same was a day to celebrate. I am now maintaining my weight at a level that is 44 pounds less than when I started. And I did it without exercise too. So if you threw in a bit of exercise as well as portion control you can do it!

    1. Thanks so much Carole :) well done on the loss too! 44 pounds is amazing! I agree 100%, I have failed losing weight time and time again because everytime I went back to normal eating I had exactly the same foods (in excess) just as before. I am looking forward to starting again and having all the right tools in place before I finish. I tried 30dayshred yesterday and my knees didnt agree, maybe a few stone less and I will try again. xx


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