Sunday, 21 July 2013

Chin Up...

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I am no doubt sure you have noticed me missing in action for a few weeks, well I just wanted to keep you all in the loop and let you know where I have been....nothing exciting unfortunately. 

I am not usually one to dwell on the things that make me frown in my little online land, I am not that kinda girl that dwells on the unhappy things in life and to be honest when the stuff does hit the fan so to say I can cope quite well. In Matt's words he would say I was strong....too strong for my own good sometimes!

But recently I have been trying my very best to file this one 'unhappy thought' to the back of my head's imaginary filing cabinet without success. And as a result of over thinking and trying to ignore it, what happens?? You think of it more 10 times over! That coupled with my obsessive compulsive habbit to Google every symptom and cause under the sun has left me worrying all day and all night long!

Lets get to crunch, as you may or may not know Finley has had a few little issue with his walking. I posted on twitter a few months back he took his first few steps :) Hooray we thought, he has finally hit this milestone and we don't have constantly bribe him with toys and cuddles to take a step. 

Well...that's still as far as we have got, ever since Finley could stand unaided and couch surf (around 12 months) he has been up on his toes. I mentioned it to our health visitor but she wasn't all too concerned at the time and said it was just his balance adjusting and he will get the hang of it...phew I thought!

Well at 18 months old he is still up on those tippy toes and doesn't seem much closer to getting brave enough to take a proper lunge across the front room. I have always had a niggle in my head telling me he wont walk for ages, a mothers intuition if you will and I seemed right. 

We have had health visitor visits and seen our GP and we are set for a Paediatrician appointment at the end of August.

The worrying part is he seems more than happy 'walking' on his knees!! It is as though he just doesn't feel the need to walk ever. I also have over done it on the Googling front and worried myself beyond control, my mind has been so pre-occupied with looking at leg casting, possible causes, autism spectrum and it just has got way too much. 

Every time I opened blogger to write a new post all I could think about was Finley, one thing led to another and there I was sat reading forum after forum about knee walking, club foot, operations and far more than I need to know right now. But the promising thing is he can stand flat footed unaided and balance fine, its just when he goes to step he uses the ball of his foot. 

At the moment he hasn't been diagnosed with anything and we have no way of knowing when he will fancy walking, I am hoping to get some answers in late August and I will of course keep you updated. It could be anything at all from what we have read, but I am hoping for a case of 'lazy Finley' syndrome. 

I have had to deal with some pretty crappy things happen the past few years and had sooo many changes to my life that I have always seemed to manage and deal with really well, but this has just taken over...I guess this is what happens when you have babies eh? I still cant help but squish him every day, no matter how many trousers he wears out!

I am sorry for this not being a happy cheery kinda post but I just have felt so down in the dumps about this recently it really got on top of me and sort of took over for a little while...well I am here to kick those worries aside and get back on track with everything. I have something way too exciting happening next Friday and you couldn't possibly miss out on that :) 

If anyone has any advice or help on this topic please let me know as we have tried everything we know so far. Any tips to keep his feet flat, protect his knees....and a place to get fab cheap trousers as we go through dozens!!

Thank you all so much for being patient and waiting for an update :) I probably wont make a video just get in case I get wrapped up in it all again and end up a blubbering mess. 

Lots of Love
Kayleigh x


  1. I'm sorry you're worrying about Finley. My son was a late walker and also had a serious speech delay. He had therapies for about a year and got all caught up. It wasn't anything serious but he did need a little extra help. I hope it isn't anything serious for Finley either, and that he can catch up with a little help like my son. Hang in there. :)

    1. Thank you so much - I am sure he will be totally fine but its partly my own fault for worrying so much! Sometimes i wish they would shut off Google :) Hoping the pead appointment goes well and he lets us know the next steps xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, hopefully it'll all be lazy finley syndrome. A lot of children take a while to walk. A friend of mine had a daughter that didn't walk until 2. She just wasn't interested. I hope everything goes well at the paediatrician appointment.

    1. Thank you so much Amy, loads of people have told me not to worry but I cant help it. He talks loads and people say they tend to focus on learning one or the other - so I am hoping he just isnt bothered in walking just yet. At least he is more contained for a few extra months haha xxx


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