Monday, 24 December 2012

Twas the night before Christmas

and all was still....until Father Christmas visited!!

Yes that's right...he's Beeeeeen!

Here is a sneak peak of the festive goods in store.

I cant wait to take a million snaps tomorrow and feast on all the festive food!

Finley has quiet frankly been spoilt rotten but anyone could have told you that.

See you all soon

Have a wonderful Christmas

Love Kayleigh x

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Our Twinkley Christmas Bun

Wow...nobody ever told me that once you have kids Christmas engulfs your whole life for the entire month of December. Wrapping, cleaning, list making, card designing, present ordering, food shopping....I'm tired out all over again just reading that! 

Everyday for the past week I sat in my good old blog writing area (the couch) to write blog posts on all sorts of exciting things but could I finish one of them, nope! I have 3 draft posts crying out for photos but i just haven't had chance to take them, one reason being I have been THE most busy Christmas person ever and analysing the 'big' food shop over and over until I think we have everything but a box of cotton buds in the trolley. And the second reason is there is no natural light anywhere! I have a weird 'thing' that I have to take pictures only in the day when there is an abundance of sunshine....not something that the North West is known for in the Winter! I need to buy that lightbox I keep promising myself!

Anyway I thought I would make use of the dark, gloomy, drizzly weather and off I went to grab Finley, some fairy lights and my camera!

After I made Matthew risk life and limb climbing on chairs to disassemble our kitchen fairy light feature all for the love of photography we headed to the darkest spot in the house to take a few snaps.

As with the majority of my posts this may be a little picture heavy, but hey who doesn't love looking at the most adorable pictures ever?! 

I have had this idea pinned on my Pinterest board for ages and I finally managed to tick it off :) I just wish we had time to re-do our Christmas cards as I would use one of these pics to send out to family!
Ever since Finley started crawling it has been so difficult to get any pictures of him sat still, the majority I get now are of a blurry baby zooming passed the camera or of him trying to escape up his stairgate. He was so fascinated by the lights he sat there playing with them patiently whilst I managed to get a few decent snaps in.
I think he looks like an angel in this picture, you could just imagine if it panned out there would be his beautiful white angel wings....
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and please share your Christmas snaps with me either in the comments below of on my Facebook page here

Love Kayleigh x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Its Officialy Christmas

...well it has been officially Christmas since last Sunday but I have only just got around to writing the post, it seemed to take me forever to edit these pics, I was distracted by all the festive-ness and started browsing Christmas songs on Youtube. Concentrate Kayleigh, concentrate! Here is a pre-warning - this may become a rather picture heavy post!

Anyway, I wanted to show you all a few snaps I took of us putting up the Christmas decorations ready for Finley's FIRST EVER Christmas. *yay*
To be honest I had imagined a lovely Sunday of making paper chains together, watching Elf and Finley rolling around on a bed of tinsel but the reality was slightly different. Instead we missed Elf because Uncle Buck was on, Matthew distracted Finley with the tree star whilst I took almost half an hour de-tangling beads, which you cant even see on the tree *sheesh* and to top it off Finley decides he dislikes the tinsel very much and doesn't agree to wear it as a garland he so promised when I was 8 months pregnant last December!
Note the disapproval of a Tinsel necklace

Our Christmas Star in his Christmas PJs
t still turned out to be a lovely family festive afternoon and we enjoyed creating our own little Santa's grotto, if I had my way I would have 100% more decs up but Matthew said I was already verging on tacky...but isn't that the whole idea? I wont bore you all to tears with a picture of every single decoration we own but here are a few snaps of the tree :) 
Once we got on a roll hanging up stockings and pinning up the bunting it didn't take too long to complete the look we have now, 'a colour jumble' if you will, I haven't gone for the traditional matchy matchy look, I prefer the rustic mis-matched look. I cant wait for next year for Finley to add some homemade baubles and hanging pictures, possibly even Spiderman if he doesn't mind living in the tree for a month. 
I just had to add that this is one of our Christmassy candles we currently have burning, now I'm not one for spices especially cinnamon and this goes against all my dislikes for a candle scent, but, I love it. It is a spice-fruit combo and smells just like well...Christmas! My other fave is Cranberry which came in a set we bought here.
I shall leave you with this lovely pic of Finely and I celebrating our decorations success. Oh, it is the law to wear your hair in a bun and wrap tinsel around it from the 1st December onwards :) 

Quick read this *ssshhh* here is a secret mini quiz for you, I have secretly put little birdys in some of the photos above. Take a look and let me know in the comments how many you can spot!

Hope you all have your decorations up and counting down the days till Father Christmas comes!

Love Kayleigh x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gearing up for a change

A while back I wrote a post about the pressures of losing weight after a baby, or losing weight in general in my case! I spoke about doing it for you and when you are ready, and not to feel rushed into anything, I certainly know the first year of Finley's life was special and as a first time mum I had enough daily worries like, 'why hasn't he pooed', 'what is that tiny red dot on his arm', 'oh no its injections day'. So for me adding calorie counting and snack worrying into the mix just seemed too much at the I just enjoyed eating and not worrying about it.

However I now feel like the time has come to shed a few pounds stone and feel a little more 'Kayleigh' again. I didn't gain too much weight when I was pregnant but I certainly have gained since my wedding in 2010....

Right now I'm not too sure which road to go down to loose the weight but I can guarantee one thing once I am given the challenge of weight shredding I go full force, for someone that is rather podgey I have THE best willpower. Back in 2009 I lost over 3 stone and when I look back at pictures I am happy with the overall look I achieved, I don't want to be too thin because I still like the idea of a more curvy figure, but I definitely need to be more healthy.

In the past I have considered surgery to help me get rid of the extra weight for good, and very nearly went through with it but looking back I am so glad I didn't. 2 family members did go through with it and the new 'them' they so yearned for turned out to be a very unlikeable version of themselves. That being said it is my own experiences that have led me to think this way and I'm sure not all people have experienced this. For me it really isn't worth all the sacrifices that come along with bariatirc surgery, I love food far too much to sacrifice it for life so there is no wonder they highly advise counselling afterwards! Being chunky is part of me and my personality and I know that without my belly and chubby cheeks I would be very different. So with that all said what I am trying to get at is I still want to be me, I'm happy with my personality, I'm happy to occasionally eat a twix and actually enjoy it or treat me and Matthew to a dominos on a Friday night! I'm happy with my quirky personality and my sarcastic sense of humour...the only thing I want to change is my size slightly, all I want to do is fit in a pair of Topshop jeans...comfortably! 

Courtesy of Pinterest
I may seem to contradict myself on weight loss now and again as sometimes I am very contented in my skin and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, yet other times like today I would love to be a lot thinner and think back to the years I was so much thinner *sigh*

For now I shall have a look around to see what new weight loss plan/methods would suit me best, I have tried many many ways to loose weight in the past and I may possibly re-visit some old 'friends' in the new year, but I will be sure to keep you all updated. 

Do you have any new years resolutions you plan on sticking too for 2013? Good Luck! 

Love Kayleigh x 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A cheeky morning with Finey

This post is a little bit of an accident really, I was just snapping away on the camera trying to get some shots of Finley sporting his festive jammies when I realised he was just being plain cheeky! At the moment it is almost impossible to get a picture of him sat still...instead he is always doing the 'I promise I'm being good Mummy/Daddy' face, whilst climbing up any furniture he can find!

To be honest I'm not surprised, I think he is getting me back for disappearing a few times this week. On Wednesday I had to leave him for the longest time ever...13 hours 40 minuets to be exact!!! *Sigh* and to add to my already mummy anxiety I was over an hour away in Manchester! For all those people who may be interested I was at the Employment Tribunal courts observing, so concentrating on cross examinations took the edge off wanting to constantly sob and call home. 
Then the next day I was out with all my bestest work chums for the works Christmas Tea, it was a quick Chinese before we got drenched running to the car to get home to Finners.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the lovely snaps I captured of Fin being a good old cheeky chap! I wouldn't expect anything less of an 11th month old baby boy....and I have a sneaky suspicion he isn't growing out of it any time soon! That is fine by us, we just love our spirited bun full of giggles and mischievous glances. 

Theres the 'look' I was talking about!

As I chased him back into the front room out of the Kitchen he headed straight to the DVDs, this baby just doesn't want to take it easy.

Let me know if your little ones are keeping you on your toes? Oh oh oh guess what.....the Christmas tree is going up tomorrow! YAYAYAYAY 
'I love you, I lovvveee You, I LOVE YOU' -can you guess my most fave Christmas film from that quote??

Love Kayleigh x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Daddy Loves Finley this much

A slightly different post for you all tonight but I thought you might be interested in Matt's most recent addition :) Here's little background for you all first.

When Finley was teeny tiny I already knew he wouldn't be a cuddly type that snuggled with a Teddy or curled up with a glow worm in his cot. So after a little searching I opted to buy him a few Lamaze items, fun, educational but still have a hint of 'teddy' I so want him to love. One turned out to be his most cherished toy of all time...the one the only Mr Robot. 

He pops up everywhere! all you Lamaze enthusiasts out there you will probably know that his real name is 'Rusty Robot' but my husband being the creative genius he is came up with Mr Robot and it has stuck, thinking about it there is a theme running will all his toys....Mr Robot, Mr Giraffe, Mr Peter Rabbit...hmmmm! 

Anyway I wanted to show you all the Tattoo Matthew had in honour of our Fin Sausage. In total I think he has around 23ish tattoos to rival my zero haha! This was his latest and of course our most favourite one. 

It isn't your ordinary tattoo but hey, we're not the kind of family that does ordinary and when Finley gets a little older it will be great to tell him the adventures of Mr Bun and Mr Robot.

You may also be wondering who Mr Bun is....

When I was pregnant we always referred to our baby as the 'Bun' and as soon as we found out it was a boy it was Mr Bun from then on. We had three names for Finley before he arrived but we never called him his name till he was born, so it was always 'this would be lovely for Mr Bun' or 'its in Mr Bun's room'. To this day he is still our Mr Bun and he probably gets called that more than his name!!

Matt has said that he would like to get another tattoo with Finley's proper name, probably when he is a little older so Finley can write his own name and it will be an exact copy of his handwriting. I on the other hand shall be a big girls blouse and admire Matthew's tattoos from afar.

A bit of a random post for you all but I would love to see if you have any little tributes to your babies :) 

Love Kayleigh x

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A room for the Grown Ups

After searching the Internet high and low for ideas for Finley's new bedroom it soon dawned on me that once it is finished we will have our bedroom back!

Currently he is residing in our room until his is painted and decorated, but soon I can re-claim the massive space that his cot takes up and make our room much more 'grown up' and less like a nursery :) 

Matt and I have always rented houses that are fully furnished so we never saw the need to buy any bedroom furniture ourselves, but unfortunately that means in our new house it has left us with only two miss-matched bedside tables and a very dubious clothes rail (currently sporting a worrying tilt)!

I have been browsing the Internet for some ideas and came across some lovely pieces of Bedroom Furniture at K&Co.

I love the shabby chic, country cottage look and I am desperate to get a dressing table! All my make up is dotted all over the house and the majority is in the coffee table in the front room!! LoL! I need to put it all in one place especially now Finley has started cruising around, I wouldn't want to nip to the fridge to come back in finding him painting the cat with lipgloss!

These are a few of my favourites here 

I think that once we have decided on the 'theme' for the room that will decide what style of dresser I go for, I usually would be drawn to the all white look in a bedroom but unusually for me I love the mirror table. Its also a bargain of a price at £179 for all three items.

If anyone else has bedroom furniture ideas let me know, I love decorating tips and cant wait to get started on our new project in the new year :) 

 Love Kayleigh x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Superhero Bedroom

Ever since I was pregnant with Finley I never really had an urge to decorate his room in pastel blues and have little mini trains all over the walls....instead I had the idea of bringing a comic book to life, and so my mind was set...a Superhero bedroom it is.

After pondering on the 'superhero plan' for months I convinced myself he was too young and painted his room blue and had the usual matching nursery set, don't get me wrong it looked lovely but it just isn't our cup of tea. I wanted a shabby chic for boys look so settled on 'My Favourite Things' theme from Toys'R'Us, it really is charming, all patchwork and tiny blue stars, but now when I look at Finley's boisterous face and stocky frame it just doesn't suit the once 6pound baby we had.

In our new house he has a much bigger bedroom meaning the Superhero flame has been re-lit and we are back to planning his new fancy room.

Here are a few pictures of inspiration taken from Google, Etsy and Pinterest.

I'm very tempted to paint his door like the one above but not sure if maybe my imagination is running away with me and its too much, what do you think? 

I also want to have a gallery style wall of pictures and captions for him to admire like these below

I'm hoping to get it all finished and looking snazzy for his 1st Birthday when he officially turns into a big boy!

I am so excited for Finley but no doubt his reaction will be somewhat underwhelming and will crawl straight out and start to play with towel! Hey ho, he will appreciate my efforts in no time im sure and will be the envy of all his mini superhero friends! 

If you find any pieces of inspiration anywhere be sure to let me know so I can add them to my ever growing list of things to buy/make/paint :)

It looks like this is a job for Superman Supermum! 

Love Kayleigh x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sainsbury's Bank Family Bloggers

Hi blog seems to be full of exciting news recently :) Hip hip hooray!
The other day I got a lovely email advising me that Beauty Life and Babies has been selected to appear on the 'Family Bloggers we love' page on the Sainsbury's Money Matters Blog! You can see the link to all the other lovely bloggers here I have been popped in the 'Inspiring Family Blogs' category.

I was a little confused as I hadn't even been in touch with Sainsbury's but it seems like they found my blog via good old Google, read it and enjoyed it...just shows you, you never know who is reading.

I have been in touch with Sainsbury's Money Matters Blog to thank them for their lovely words and since been invited to join their Family Blogger Network *yay* 
Below is a short post from Sainsbury's regarding feeding your baby whilst travelling, something I know I found difficult and if honest something I tried to avoid but tips like this would have definitely helped me and Finley :) 

Car travel with a baby to feed

A long car journey with a baby who needs regular feeds can seem a daunting challenge – especially for new mums – but as your newborn grows, you’ll want to get out and about.  

The key to a peaceful trip is getting the feeding right. Here are some tips to help keep your little one nourished while on the move.

When can I travel with my baby?

There’s no reason why you can’t travel with your baby in the car when they’re very young, but you’ll want to feel safe and relaxed.

  • First make sure that you have the correct, rear-facing child car seat, properly installed in the back of the vehicle.  
  • Check too that you have some blinds for the back windows to protect baby’s skin and eyes from strong sunlight.  
  • It’s best to keep a close eye on a newborn – if possible, someone should travel in the back to watch over the baby – and stop regularly to avoid the child being in the seat for too long. 


Picture courtesy of Sainsbury's

Breastfeeding in the car is the simplest way to keep your baby topped up.  Don’t feel that you shouldn’t breastfeed in public. The law is on your side – it is actually illegal for someone to ask you to leave a public place because you’re breastfeeding.

Be prepared – make sure you have appropriate dress for feeding. Specialist breast feeding tops are readily available, but can be expensive.  You could wear two stretchy tops instead – one that you’ll pull down and the other to lift up.  A shawl or baby blanket works well too.

Formula feeders

Gone are the days when you’d have to make sure you were carrying enough powder and sterilised bottles for your trip.  

Premixed formula is readily available and very convenient in ‘nipple ready’ bottles. If your baby isn’t used to ready-mixed milk, it might be an idea to introduce it a few days before your journey.  

If you are taking bottles and powder, keep them separate until you need them. To make up the formula, always use boiled tap water in the UK, and make sure you use only sterilised equipment. You can buy travel sterilising kits to make the job easier.

Some service stations have bottle warming facilities, but if not, beware of using milk that has been heated in a microwave. It could contain hotspots that might burn a baby’s mouth.

Storing formula

You can prepare your formula ahead of time, and store expressed milk. However, if you can’t guarantee the temperature inside a cool box or bag, it’s maybe not the best idea. Expressed milk, for example, must be stored at or below 4˚C, which is too cool for anything but the back of a fridge.

A vacuum flask can keep water hot for several hours – so if you measure dry formula into the bottom of a pre-sterilised bottle, you can make up the feed when you need it.  

In order to kill off any bacteria, the water should be used before it falls below 70˚C, and then cooled until tepid.  

Check that milk isn’t too hot by first squirting some onto the inside of your wrist. It should feel warm, but not hot.

However you choose to feed your little one while travelling, always make sure that you have adequate
car insurance

Author Bio:
Liam Williams writes for the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog . In his spare time he enjoys motoring and organic gardening

Thank you so much Sainsbury's for recognising this blog and being happy to represent our little family :)

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch :)

Love Kayleigh x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Nuby Blogger Competition

You may or may not know that sometime ago I entered the Nuby UK blogger competition that was advertised on their Facebook page, Nuby were looking for all kinds of family groups to represent them and test out some products. I had just re-launched the blog so I thought "hey, why not enter" but after seeing some amazing entries I was doubtful I would have even a small chance of my blog being read let alone winning.

However a week or so ago I heard back from the lovely team over at Nuby and they informed me that the loved my writing style and photography and excitingly Beauty Life and Babies came runner up :) *celebration dance* How great is that! I was happy enough that Nuby themselves gave me such compliments about my blog but as an extra special treat they offered to send me and Finley some goodies to try out! 

I received my lovely parcel from Nuby at the weekend and sat Finley down to open it together 
  Is it just my baby that has more of an interest in the packaging of an item rather than the amazing present inside? 
I let Finners choose what he wanted to review first and he opted for the George Teether toy, perfect I thought, as I have a sneaky suspicion that his top teeth are well on their way. Mummy's choice is the new Grip and Sip sippy cup, I reviewed the old style here but already I can see the great improvements Nuby have made and shall be making a comparison post to show you all :) 
 I just wanted to thank Nuby for being extra generous and giving me the opportunity to review some of their lovely items for them. 

Nuby have just launched their new website here - go and check them out and see all the great offers they have available at the moment. I'm thinking mummy Father Christmas may treat Finley to some new Monster Plates and cutlery for Christmas! 

PS: Just a note about the photos, now the nights are drawing in a lot earlier :( it is so difficult to get any natural light anywhere in my house so I may look into getting a light box to make them jazzy again. Totally of topic but I wanted to keep you all informed!

I have linked all the winners to the Blogger competition below - make sure you go and check them out :)

Hannah Parker - Mums Days
Charlie Alexander – Learning Lessons in Mummyography
Suzanne Davison – Stitches and Stretchmarks
Kirsty-Anne Ross

Rebecca Beesley – The Beesley Buzz
Sonya Cisco -
Emma Rathbone – Snowing Indoors

Cara Quinn – Roman Three Six Five
Paula Fazekas – Mummy vs Work

Pauly Twinklestar – Gifts From The Pirates
Have a great day everyone
Love Kayleigh x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Decs Haul

Oh dear I have done it again, the Christmas bug has bitten and I have a few more festive items to show you all....our house is going to be like a full on Grotto by the time Christmas Day comes!

For some strange reason I have the weirdest online shopping habits, I casually browse a website for ages, see things I love, check the prices, add to basket then the 'tight-wad' in me goes and closes the whole site down! Is it just me who does this? Please tell me I am not alone in 'pretend online shopping'? 

Anyway I am a regular 'fantasy' shopper on dotcomgiftshop - Amazing website! I absolutely love living in a retro world and the thought of neatly stacked vintage lunchboxes fills me with glee. *takes a moment to swoon* The great thing about Dotcomgiftshop is the prices, usually I find that anywhere that stocks anything shabby chic or of that nature they hike the prices right up because they know how popular it is. But all the lovelies on this site are extremely well priced - sometimes cheaper than Ebay! 

So what made me check out this basket? Their amazing deal of the week offer, that's what. I have been eyeing up the Christmas section for some time now and had my heart set on some lovely Christmas bunting but as usual every time it was in my basket I clicked of the page....and regretted it every time :( 
But last week they had some fab Christmas bunting....half price! Say What?! It was a sign, in my basket it went along with a few other Christmassy bits, some retro old skool paper chains to make with Finley and some fancy napkins for our Christmas dinner! Bet you cant wait to get your chops on these Dad!! And a little sneaky prezzie for Finners' stocking!

Want to take a peek at the goodies? Here you go :) 

I think I got some great bits and my grand total was around £30, a great deal!

Make sure you go and check them out here and have a look at the deal of the week offer for some great savings :) Im currently compiling a wish list to hand to Matthew...I mean Father Christmas for him to maybe place a few treats under the tree for me.

Love Kayleigh x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A treat for Mummy

Since Finley has been born I haven't been one for buying treats for myself but this was an offer I just couldn't pass up. Yes that's right I have only gone and bought a Clarisonic. 

Now before you all think I am a trillionarie and have money stuffed in my mattress I don't, but I'm sure I'd sleep a lot better if it was stuffed with £50 notes galore! 
Anyway I digress, the reason I snapped this up was because it was a bargain plus I wont have paid it off until February *sigh* I wonder how it feels to be rich eh?

Funnily enough I bought this beauty on Matt's birthday - Happy Birthday to Matthew me!
If you a regular watcher of QVC like me, yes you heard right QVC - it really isn't for old ladies they have some major offers and stock brands like Liz Earle and Benefit! Everyday they have a really reduced price on an item they sell or a group of beauty items. That day it was the Clarisonic Mia :) 

I have toyed with the idea of getting a Clarisonic for a while now but the price has always put me off, for someone that likes to thrift and save money spending over £100 for a face cleaning machine seemed a little far fetched. Especially for Matt who is in the mindset "whats wrong with a flannel"?

However the deal on QVC was rather tempting, I got the Clarisonic Mia with the standard cleansing brush head plus 3 other different heads, cleansing wash and a wash bag all for.....drum roll please....£99!!! Still a massive wedge I hear you say, well yes I agree, but QVC offer easypays (a payment a month) on certain items and this was on 4 easy pays of £24ish pounds! A steal as for the Clarisonic Mia with one head is averaging £127 on its own.

Even better they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on anything if your not happy, even if you have used it everyday! But wait theres more, as it is nearly the festive season they are saying if it is a present (which it is but just for me) they are extending the guarantee till the end of January 2013! 

I shall be testing this to my hearts content as I have peace of mind I can get my money back in a heartbeat and I haven't had to shell out the full price. This was the major selling point as reviews are mixed, some say it is their holy grail product, some say they never even use it. 

I haven't used it yet and I think that is down to being scared of the purging process but I will keep a log of my progress and see if it really is worth all the hype, if not it is getting boxed back up and sent back to QVC. But I am hoping it gives me clear soft skin and can take pride of place on the bathroom side :) 

What do you think of the Clarisonic Mia? When was your first treat after having your baby? 

Love Kayleigh x

Friday, 9 November 2012

Logo Love

Oh hi there, wow its been a hectic week or so which meant I disappeared for a little...Sorry. It was Matthew's birthday on the 5th so we have been out for family meals and days out plus I've been at work return looms closer! 

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know about my fancy new logo that I had commissioned. 

Don't you just LOVE it, its a little snapshot of Matthew, Finley and I :) 

I'm currently working on a header with fancy writing and all that Jazz but for now it is popped in the sidebar purely because I want to show it off! 

A lovely lady called Emma from Bubble Trump Ltd created the whole thing from start to finish! She is do I know? because I used to eat my sandwiches with her at school and see the most beautiful sketches she did in Art! What a talent I can hear you all say! 

If you are thinking of getting something similar for your website, blog or business or even if you just want a sketch please go and check out Emma and her soon to be husband Joe's website here. This commission was extremely well priced and arrived in my inbox within days!

I cant wait to email Emma for a Christmas themed logo fit for the festive season! 

Make sure you go check out their Facebook page and go and follow them over on Twitter.

Thank you so much Emma :) *yay*

Love Kayleigh x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween

How exciting, it was Finley's first Halloween yesterday :) 

I bought his Halloween outfit back in August, a little eager but I do love a bit of fancy dress. I opted for a spooky spider as there is little other option for anyone under 1, it was either this or a pumpkin. I cant wait to dress him up properly - face paint, dyed hair - the lot.

I planned on carving the pumpkins together but Finley had other ideas and opted to take a nap instead and Daddy has a fear of pulp so it left Mummy to do all the hard work. Shhhh don't tell them that I actually really enjoy carving pumpkins. An hour and a half later we ended up with these beauties 

Last year I did an owl style pumpkin which was soooo good (blows own trumpet) and I wanted to re-create it this year but the 'Finley's 1st Halloween' one took so long I went for the traditional 10 minute scary face! Perfect for the doorstep don't you think?

We had loads of trick or treaters, they seemed to arrive in packs! I answered the door with Finley dressed to the nines in his swish spider outfit and all the kids were saying "is that Finley" "awww, happy 1st Halloween". Then there were the few 'kids' I had doubts about, I'm unsure if a 15 year old girl wearing a onsie counts as a trick or treater, especially when she used her hands cupped together as a bag! hmmmmm! 

Overall a great 1st Halloween for Finley :) I had tried to get a picture of him sat between the pumpkins but his newly found crawing knees didn't stay put for longer than a second so I had to weigh up what was more important, perfect Halloween picture but an on fire baby or safe baby and okayish pictures. 

Hope you all had a great day and enjoyed all the spooky goings on

Share your Halloween pictures on my Facebook page :) I would love to see them 

Love Kayleigh x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Exciting News

Guess what...

No I'm not pregnant, crikey the thought of that just brought me out in a cold sweat! Jeez!

I have some exciting news for everyone, a few weeks ago I got in touch with a great website called Baby Knowledge. They have an excellent website full to the brim with info from weaning to child proofing your house. (something I need to get cracking with as Fin is a mischief maker at the mo)

There is a little section where they feature baby blogs by different ladies and I am happy to say that I am now one of them :)

Head over and have a look - here
You can also follow their Twitter - @Baby_Knowledge
and like their Facebook page- here

They currently have a competition running on their website to win a Bambeano Baby Bean Bag, something I wish I had when Finley was suffering really bad from Reflux and Colic. The closing date is Friday 7th December so loads of time to get entered.

Thanks to Baby Knowledge for featuring me on their fab website! Keep your eyes peeled for more Baby Knowledge updates.

If you are already a regular reader/follower let me know how you get on with the X-Factor challenge? I am always half and hour behind.

Love Kayleigh x

Wet Wipes Top Trumps

Now I know this sounds like a really random post and I'm sure some of you will be saying "Kayleigh wet wipes are all the same aren't they" well I can confirm they are all very different. Some I love and some I am just not a fan of. 

The two brands competing in the face off today are the 'mums favourite' Pampers Sensitive and Simple Baby Moist wipes. 

First off I will just make a note of other wipes I have used on Finley but cannot rave about. 

1st are Huggies Newborn wipes, I know that some mums love these wipes but I just cant find anything I like about them. The wipe itself is very thick and not pliable when wiping little bums, also the sheet when unfolded is also smaller than the others I have tried. When I was pregnant I stocked up on these as they are usually buy 1 get 2 free (pretty good deal if you like them) and did use all of them but haven't repurchased since. However to end on a positive note, they were very moist and held the moisture well and Finley had no adverse reactions. Maybe these are best suited for sticky fingers when out and about. 

The other brand are Tesco Ultrasoft wipes, I didn't dislike too much about these but compared to Pampers and Simple they are very dry. The sheet itself does hold its shape well so no fear of it tearing which Huggies have a habit of doing. The redeeming feature for me was the packaging, the top of the wipes has a handy clip shut lid rather than a flimsy bit of plastic like the others. Overall nothing wowed me but I would buy again if I had too.

Lets crack on.
Both wipes will be rated out of 10 in a number of categories and the winner will be the one with the highest score at the end. Easy Peasy.

 Lets start with price
With wipes if you look around you will always find at least one brand on offer in one supermarket, when I see the promotion I usually stock up because Finley always needs a clean bum bum. Lets start with Pampers, right this minute at Tesco you can buy a box of 12 packs for £14.99 or 2 for £24.00. BUT don't be fooled by offers! In Asda they are just at there standard price of £10 for the same box. Great value! Simple wipes are different prices all over the place, I bought mine for a great price from Ocado. They were on a half price offer for 4 packs for £2.50, but now back up to £5. Then I had a quick gander on Tesco online and they are £2.48 for one pack - wowers that is expensive.

Score Time - Price

Pampers - 8
Simple - 5

Next lets have a look at pack size. 
In the Pampers pack you get a total of 56 wipes which is the least of all the wipe brands I have mentioned, making the price not so much of a bargain when you look at the cost per wipe. Simple have a massive 80 wipes per pack, it still makes them more expensive per wipe but it saves on having to stock up the nappy changing area for maybe one more day :) 

Score Time - Pack Size

Pampers - 6
Simple - 9 

My favourite
I have always been a massive Pampers fan and never thought to try anything else, they are great at holding moisture, soft to the touch and always on offer. I only recently tried Simple baby wipes because of the amazing offer at Ocado and found that they blow Pampers out of the water. I'm sorry Pampers! Simple are just out and out THE best wipes I have ever used, they are so soft, the sheet is big and supple and extremely moist. They are infused with chamomile and leave a lovely soft balm on Finley's skin. Love them!

Score Time - Mummy's Fave

Pampers - 7 
Simple - *10* 

Last chance to get some points, lets see what Finley thinks.
Both wipes are great for sensitive skin and Finley has never had any adverse reactions to either :)
At the moment he has become the worlds best wriggler when having his nappy changed so speed is key. It all comes down to how quick the wipe can well...wipe. Simple has the edge purely because they are a true wet wipe and get the job done quicker. 

Score Time - Finley's Fave

Pampers -8
Simple - 9

Final Scores

drum roll please......The winner is Simple with a total of 33 points! Pampers came a close runner up with 29 points.

Overall I would happily purchase either of these brands again, I will stock up when Simple have an offer and use Pampers in between. I would happily recommend either to any new mums out there. My advice is shop around for a great price and don't see an offer and think it will be the cheapest price out there. We all need those extra pennies, especially at this time of year.

This is what happens when you take pictures of wipes and a baby gets involved! Well, who doesnt want to see them cheeks!

Let me know what wipes you love or if there are any other brands you think I should try and then review. 
Love Kayleigh x
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