Saturday, 11 June 2011

Worries of a first time mum...

I'm sure that every mum to be out there at some point has that awful feeling of dread that something may happen to your precious little pea sized embryo.

Before I got pregnant I used to worry about TTC and if we may need help or if we would ever have a baby. I would imagine being pregnant and having this overwhelming feeling of happiness. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant I felt this anxious fear that something would take away our bun.  

I still have that feeling to this day and I'm sure it wont go till I see our little baby and know everything is a-OK.
BUT...I cant live in fear for my whole pregnancy, even though I know I most definitely would if I let myself and read far too much on the Internet!

We haven't had our first scan yet but I'm crossing my fingers and everything that can be crossed that everything will be hunky dorey and I can swoon over our little black and white photo.

Roll on the second trimester
x Kayleigh x

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Friday, 10 June 2011

Our TTC Journey

This might be a little bit of a lenghty post but I need to try and add as much detail without over doing it to make sure I haven't missed anything out for other TTC's.

My Husband Matt and I decided last September 2010 that we would like to extend our little twosome and become a threesome (In a non pervy way obviously) we had been married since June that year and just felt right.

Me and Matt on our Wedding Day <3

At first I was completely clueless on Trying to Conceive, still to this day it completely shocks and surprises me how people manage to get pregnant without trying for months.

I found it very overwhelming when typing 'TTC' in Google and there are millions of results staring back at you. I started watching YouTube videos for tips and tricks but looking back I'm not sure if there is any magic potion or secret wisdom to help you conceive, all you need is time and patience. Not easy I know.

We let things roll on until February 2011 with no success until I decided that I needed to be a little pro active about this so I did further research. I bought a stash of OPKs from ebay and did them everyday, I shortly turned into an Ovulation Monster and was doing 2,3 or even 4 tests a day! 

 Just to let you all know my cycles were very irregular after coming off the pill, they started to regulate in February but it then turned out I had a short Luetal Phase of 8 days. One thing after another grrrrr!!

Once I knew about my short LP I was so worried as you need at least, the minimum, no shorter than a 10 day LP to let the tiny cell implant. DO NOT whatever you do Google any TTC problems and take all comments to heart, I googled this and filled me full of fear and anxiety. From that moment on I was petrified I couldn't have a baby...what would Matt think?

 Some lovely ladies had suggested to take Vitamin B6 to lengthen my Luteal Phase. Woooo there is hope!
I was straight onto Holland and Barrett and purchased some of these lovelies along with some B12 to help the B6 absorb....a random forum said to take them together. 
Not the exact ones but these look more exciting
I took these special tablets for two and a bit cycles from about March and conceived in May :)

I really think that these really helped and it is so important to track and keep note of your cycles. 

I had a little App on my Itouch called PinkPad where I logged all my details from my last cycle to the day I ovulated and everything in between. 

There is sooooo much more information but I want to save all that Info for separate blog posts because this would just turn into a novel :) 

Please let me know what you think & if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me.

x Kayleigh x

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