Thursday, 12 September 2013

What's to do with Finley

A little while back I let you all in on why I have been a little absent on the online world and why posts have been more sporadic than usual. If you missed it you can check it out here :D 

But if you fancy here is a little recap for you all, Finley began cruising around furniture from around the 1 year mark, we were expecting to be kept on our toes pretty quickly soon after chasing around an unruly Finley jumping from one couch to another, running around the house ripping off his clothes or even balancing enough to climb up to the biscuit barrel and pinch a choccy digestive or two....however he is nearly 20 months old and he still hasn't got there.

We are still at the cruising stage with maybe a few unbalanced steps here and there, and his primary method of getting out and about is on his knees. He is quite happy zooming around on them little baby knees, carrying his toys along or even pretending he is shopping carrying around my handbag (sorry Matt) haha. 

I dont have too many shots of him on his knees but here is one, and as an added bonus he is dressed as a dinosaur

Well, finally after months and months of waiting we attended our specialist appointment. And Finley has now been diagnosed with a case of Idiopathic Tip Toe Walking. 

To expand it basically means that he walks on his knees (and tip toes when cruising) for no real reason whatsoever, meaning there is no real cause as to why he does it. There isn't a magic cure unfortunately but it doesn't mean that he will never walk, a lot of babies and toddlers either grow out of it or with a little help start to walk with splints and boots. It isnt an overly common condition BUT the specialist did ease our minds and told us he has at least a dozen current patients with the same as Finley.

We went into detail with the specialist and he saw Finley give a little demo of his party trick knee shuffle, and put our minds straight at ease that he doesn't think it is anything sinister going on with his spinal cord or nerve reactors in his legs - PHEW! But he said that he wont be surprised if we are still talking about this in years to come. I am assuming such an habitual habit is going to be tough to break, especially with Finley being such a blumming strong willed so and so! Plus he told us Finley will quite enjoy the sensation on standing on the ball of his foot, almost like a comforter for him...I try to avoid dummies and this happens lol It just shows you doesn't it.

We described Finley's personality and development and he picked up on a few noticeable characteristics that generally correlate with idiopathic tip toe walkers. Finley has a huuuuggee temper, he can be the sweetest loveliest chap then the next minute you take away his crayons and wow, he goes into full on melt down mode. He is also obsessed with any gadgets, i-phones, normal telephones, controls! He would happily sit and play with a bunch of keys rather than a stack of mega blocks any day. Plus he is a fussy eater, I mentioned it a while back I am struggling to feed him anything overly exciting and we are still at that stage, he said it is all linked and Finley is one of those kids that just like things a certain way at a certain time! 

So where do we go from here, up to now we have just encouraged walking when he is interested but as he only ever balances on his toes he struggles picking up momentum and gets frustrated. If we initiate walking and stand him up he just tucks his legs under and wont even attempt walking, cries and gets annoyed. The last thing we want to do is force him so he is the one in control now. He has taken a few steps months back but never fancied it again!

We are being referred to physio at a local children's centre and they will more than likely give us exercises to perform as they need to avoid his achilles tendon shrinking or becoming too tight. Luckily I pushed for a referral early and surgery is probably not need *crosses fingers* he will probably be prescribed little walking boots and plastic splits to keep his feet at a right angle. Sounds uncomfy, but no more so than walking on floors every day on your knees!

Up to now that's all we know and we are just waiting for the next stage in the process, luckily Finley doesn't even bother and is more than happy shuffling around....shame that we go through pant bottoms like nobodys business.

If you are reading this because you have a similar story please let me know how your journey panned out or if you have any questions what so ever please ask, I have done sooo much reading and question asking I have all this knowledge floating around in my little head. Most stories online are of older children toe walking whereas Finley will stand on his toes but walk on his knees, he is a little hybrid and I can't seem to find many similar stories.

As soon as there is the next update I shall let you all know and when Finley finally does walk please can we all have a virtual 'walking' party and celebrate with balloons, cakes and loads of new shoes :D
Perhaps a cheeky pair for mummy too!

Thank you all for sticking by me and not jumping ship because I am being rubbish lately :D oh also if you want a video of his walking let me know, my friends find it so bizzare and think he looks like a munchkin so if you want to see how he gets about I'll upload a clip for you.

Lots of Love
Kayleigh x

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  1. I'm glad to hear you have found out now, waiting for an answer to what it could be must be awful. I'm glad there is something they can do to help. xxx


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