Thursday, 8 August 2013

Winner Alert,,,,Winner Alert :D

Is it just me that read the title of this blog like a serious tannoy announcement with full on imaginary sirens blazing in the Okay, just me and my crazy mind then!

I wanted to pop on and finally announce the winner of the giveaway that ended last week :) George has been keeping us on our toes and for some reason I feel more tired than when we had a newborn?! Not sure how a puppy has done that to me but he has! So I have filmed the video announcement which shall be added to this blog post once its live....if I am really fancy I may be able to schedule them to link together at the same time, but I really don't think I am that fancy.

I just wanted to say a huge massive squidgy thank you to everyone who entered and left such lovely comments and since become new subscribers and followers. 

I plan to do another giveaway really soon as I really enjoyed putting everything together and getting to surprise a lovely viewer/reader. Plus I get to use the excuse 'it's not for me, its for the giveaway' excuse when I am shopping hehehe. 

I wont hold the suspense any longer....the winner is.....

Congratulations StarDotBop :) 

Please send me over an email on or via my YouTube page so I can take your deets. I shall also send a quick message over to you in case you don't see this post just yet. 

Thank you to everyone who entered and I shall see you all very soon with a super cool mystery make up post. woooooo!

See you all soon

Love Kayleigh x

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