Thursday, 14 March 2013

How I Dye my Hair Bright Red

This is a post that has been in the making for some time, since having Finley dying my hair has become an almost SAS procedure let alone blogging it. I have to perfectly time it around dinner, naps and make sure Matt is on hand, we wouldn't want Finners having a bright red streak through his almost non existent tufts! What would the mums at playgroup say?!
So here it is, a step by step guide how to dye your hair bright red :D Turn that frown upside down Kayleigh!

Just a little warning, this is a rather picture heavy post, also I am in no way shape or form a hairdresser, I just like to do my hair because it is cheaper...a lot cheaper! And, yes, that's right, I do have a space invaders wall in my hallway! haha, I love me a little bit of retro!

First off you want to gather all your bits and pieces together, I will list them separately in all the different stages but here is a glance of everything I used.  
I have been in love with this hair dye for years! I get all my dyes of ebay so just have a quick search for the cheapest on there at the time. I do admit that I technically dye my hair twice in one day but I find the Majicontrast 'Red' dye is great for roots but fades far too quickly on the ends. So I top up with either a La Riche Directions dye or a Stargazer one through my fringe and ends. Both are semi permanent but last soooo much longer that the more expensive permanent option! 
This time around I opted to go for Stargazer in 'Hot Red' a pink based red but still lovely and bright! I also love La Riche Directions in 'Fire' or 'Poppy Red'. Cheap as chips and they contain no harsh chemicals that some permanent hair dyes contain leaving you dizzy.

Grab yourself your gloves, tint brushes and bowls and the peroxide of your choice, I always choose 12% 40 vol purely because I read that it lifts your hair the most meaning a brighter colour. If you have an old hair cap use that too, it comes in handy when you are 'cooking' and you need to still do a few bits around the house.
Mix together your Majicontrast tube plus the correct amount of peroxide for your hair type/length, swish around until you get a rather satisfying bright red paste hmmmmm. You are ready to get started. 

*Warning* make sure you are wearing one of Matt's Tshirts and old tshirt you don't wear anymore and use that old raggedy towel you keep hidden away to mop up any little splodges. 

Slather the colour onto your roots and work your way across your hair line evenly, this amount of mixture is only enough for my roots so beware - your hair is greedy and drinks that hair dye like its lemonade on a hot day - you are better to have a little too much than not enough.
Also if you have a vampire hairline/widows peak like me, make sure you grab those pesky hairs at the front, if you don't you will see them poking in your fringe and have to re-dye them.
*Top Tip* Keep a couple of your bobbles on your wrists, it makes it easier to tie your hair up so your not fumbling for bobbles getting dye all over your bathroom side.

After around 40mins I wash off the dye and start all over again with my all over colour, luckily this can be slapped on easily and requires no mixing but I leave it to soak in for an hour!

Wow, now all that time has added up you will be glad to wash it all off and get looking at the end result!
But before we can do that I have one final step to add some extra oomph to your hair, my secret weapon Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. This was flavour of the month some time back on the blogging front and I can see why, it leaves your hair with that fresh bounce for days after it has been washed. I pop some on for 20 mins before the final shampoo and it leaves it soft, silky and just like you have stepped out of the hairdressers for a treatment. 
Finally, we have had the final rinse and ready to style! Phew that took hours, but just think of the pennies we are saving in the process.
Grab your trustee hair oil, my current fav is Morocan Oil - run a few pumps through the ends of your hair, spritz with any hair mists you fancy. I love this Paul Mitchel Moisture Mist I received in a Glossybox months ago, and don't forget to protect your hair with heat protectant. For years I used my faithful Tresemme spray but on a whim decided to opt for a change, and wow I am so glad I did. I LOVE this Andrew Barton protection spray, it isn't drying, I don't see any frizzled ends of hair and the I feel like Rihanna its like Barbados in a bottle! 
Style how ever you see fit, I have taken to blow drying recently, finally there is a brush I can manhandle whilst holding a hairdryer - I LOVE this Philip Kingsley Radial Brush it gives that root lift that long hair sometimes needs after being relentlessly dyed for hours on end! Or you can blast dry and straighten over after :)

YAY we made it, it only took all day and its now dark outside but just take in those lovely red locks you have. Beautiful.
I have left this pic un-edited to show you the real colour :)
I do love my red hair and have had it like this for well over 10 years! Sometimes I am tempted to dye it all deep brown and chop it all off but I know it just wouldn't be me, plus all my friends would have to stop calling me Red.

I hope this post has given you some tips and if you do take the plunge to dye your hair please let me see your results :) plus if you have any longhair hairstyles please let me know, I am stuck in a hair rut and cant seem to come up with anything more exciting than a top knot at the moment, I would love to try more fishtail braids and big buns but my hair just is a little too thin, maybe some extensions should be added to the wishlist! Let me know if you know any good'ens!
Love Kayleigh x


  1. Oooooh I love this! That is such a pretty shade of red and it suits you!

  2. Wow! I love it! The color is so much fun for spring too!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

  3. Wow............Im loving the hair. is red the only color you've done. I went hot pink back in november. sad it wasnt permanent tho.

    Im Laney and a new follower. Would love for you to follow me back.

    I'm having a blog hop today too. so come on over

  4. That's a great colour, and it suits you so well! I'd never be brave enough to do it though.

  5. Cute color and it it perfect on you! Your latest follower from the blog hop:)

  6. I like your strawberry hair! It complemented your skin tone that made your face glow. And you did a soft hue of red. It's very pleasing on the eyes.

    Mattie Hanson

  7. I do exactly the same, but after applying majicontrast to my roots I use special effects nuclear red. I want to try out fire, do you have any pictures of you using it? I'm from Brazil and directions is much cheaper here than special effects... Thanks :)


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