Friday, 18 January 2013

Finley's Birthday Trip to the Zoo

I have a feeling that January may involve quite a few 'birthday' posts, everything from tea-parties to a birthday haul. Today's post is a little look into what we got up to on the big day itself! We decided that because he seems to have a soft spot for animals at the moment we would head to Blackpool zoo.  

The weather was lovely, cold but lovely. You may be looking at these pictures thinking 'where is his hat, where are his mittens'....well in the pram basket! He hates anything on his head, hands, even feet! We kept persisting which lead to him crying and whinging in the 'shhhhhh must be queit' enclosure! I wouldn't mind too much if he had a little more hair to keep that bald head warm but somehow that tiny wisp just doesn't cut it. We kept trying to sneak his hood up but he just wasn't having it!

Anyway, we had a lovely walk around the park admiring all the animals that ventured out into the cold January air. I have to admit that Finley wasn't the least bit interested in anything but these little monkeys. I think he somehow related to them and their cheeky ways.

His little face lit up just looking at these tiny furry mites, I spent ages knelt down propping him up so he could smile and 'talk' to the little monkeys, its a shame I didn't take note of what breed they were so I shall be googling that! Unless anyone is a nature enthusiast and can help me out? :D We even bought a souvenir monkey teddy for him to snuggle with less chance of destruction, we already have one cheeky monkey running riot in the house, we definitely don't need another haha. 

We wandered through the park and in total took nearly 300 pictures, sheesh! Here are just a few and one of the cutest monkey I ever did see.

Note the lemur in the first photo
 - it was sat legs akimbo meditating in the sun! They were all in a huge open enclosure, they ran free climbed trees and I felt much more comfortable with that environment. I love to see the animals running as free as they can, rather than behind cages and high fences. I was surprised that there was so many species of animals there and how much space they all have, I admit now I haven't always been the biggest fan of Zoos for the 'caged' element but I am happy to report back I found it really well layed out and all the animals seemed as free as they could be.

Here is a little picture of Finley and I at the end of our Zoo Adventure, both windswept....Mummy a little more so! Yikes! I wasn't sure whether to include this pic because of the very serious 'hair issue' I am having but hey, that's life! That's what happens when you spend hours walking around the Zoo, delving in and out of the deeply filled changing bag for a Sippy Cup 20 times and getting your hair tugged by a very excited Birthday Boy! 

He had a lovely Birthday morning....yes there is more to come! In the afternoon we opened prezzies, had a balloon party and played with toys! Wow - such a busy day for us all. 

Can you believe he is one! 

See you all soon

Love Kayleigh x


  1. All kids like're right...must be related... Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you as well. You and your baby are adorable. You think your hair looks ought to see mine most of the time...scary...

  2. Happy Birthday Finley! You took such wonderful photos of your zoo visit - great memories! I'm visiting you from the "meet and greet" blog hop. Glad to "meet and greet" you!

  3. Aww, that last picture is awesome. :) glad you had a great birthday day for your little one. I'm your latest follower, thanks for the visit to my blog. :)

  4. I am loving your hair color. What a beautiful zoo photo with the water. Thanks so much for coming by to follow me x2 :) I am happily following back.

  5. Wow! Your photos are fantastic! Found you on the blog hop! Thanks for also visiting our blog!
    Amy and Michaela

  6. Love the pics! Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now following back :)
    The Eyes of a Boy

  7. What fun! Looks like he had a great time. What darling pictures.

  8. Amazing pictures!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following your lovely blog back.

  9. Love your blog and your hair color!! Following you from the blog hop!

  10. Happy Birthday to your little guy! I absolutely love the name Finley:)

  11. I love your blog! It's adorable! I'm following you and looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for stopping by Moxie and Mischief!

    -Jessica @


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