Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sniffles

Happy Easter everyone :D

Although today is meant for feasting on choccy eggs and eating as many hot cross buns as you possibly can for us we are tucked up on the couch with runny noses and headaches. *cough cough* Boooo.

Finley wasn't too well on Wednesday night, and by not well I mean waking every hour of the night just wanting to be upright but still be able to sleep, then fidgeting then wanting cuddles...sheesh, a poorly bun = a very tired mummy that day. Oh well. I always think when he is upset like that in the night that he is having a harder time than me so it pulls me through! That morning I saw a his 8th tooth had cut through right at the bottom and blamed his newly acquired sniffly nose on that...but as Matthew and I have since found out it was more than likely a sneaky cold as we are also suffering.

Luckily Finley has perked up a little bit but still sniffling her and there, thank goodness for calpol to give his little nose a break from being suckered and wiped.

I very much doubt you want to see a picture of our shinny faces and red noses so I have opted for a rather bemused Finley from last Easter...look at that face, it almost resembles a little Easter egg itself. He would have been just over 3 months old at the time and if I am honest I don't think he has changed one bit! haha. He still has a round face, loves his milk and has no hair....just a little bigger and cheekier now. 

I hope your Easter Sunday is a little more adventurous than ours, I am hoping that we are all right as rain soon as we have choccy eggs to eat.

Lets cross fingers we are tons better tomorrow and can enjoy the bank holiday. 
Have a great day everyone.

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Finley is soooo cute! I love him so much!

    1. me too - I think he is just a little bit ace! xx

    2. He is amazing! He has changed so much since this time last year! xxx

  2. I'm sick on Easter too, also with a cold. I hope you all feel better soon.

    1. Aww hope you feel better soon too, I have read a few posts today with people saying they are ill. It must be because its a bank holiday here in the UK - any extra time off work and everyone automatically gets poorly xx


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