Saturday, 9 February 2013

G-Nappies Review

A little while back I was asked to test run (along with Finley of course) a few gNappies. Of course I jumped at the offer as I had planned on using re-usable nappies on Finley from day one....however....

to build up the amount we needed it would have cost over £300...that's just on the nappies themselves, we still would have had to purchase wet bags, storage for dirty nappies and even a sprayer! At the time it just seemed like such a massive investment that we just couldn't afford. 

We have used disposables ever since Finley was born and luckily he has been perfectly fine in them but one problem we do have now he is a little bigger is leaking! Since the minute he realised he could roll over he has been a tummy sleeper ever since, which meant his nappy would press against his tummy making a little wet patch :( 

Whilst trialing the gNappies with Finley it resolved that issue straight away! It may be down to the snug fit that made sure any tiny leaks stayed put or that the tabs wrap around the his back so he wasn't sleeping on the crossover. Seems like such a simple solution but I haven't seen it on any other nappy out there. 

gNappies offer two versions of their nappies, the cloth inserts that you use and treat just like normal cloth nappies or the disposable version that I tried. 

It is a disposable/reusable hybrid that has the look and fit of cloth but the ease and convenience of disposable.

The gPants as they are known are like an outer shell that a little insert just pops into - easy as that! And once your ready to change just pop out the insert and pop in the bin or if your that way out, in the compost bin!
  Here is a scary fact for you, did you know that regular disposables can take up to 500 years....yes 500 years to bio degrade! Wow...that's up 8/9 nappy's a day per baby for maybe 2ish years that's nearly 6000 nappies per child in a landfill for half a millennium! I had a look and gNappie inserts take less than 2 months!
They are the perfect disposable alternative for me but I would say maybe a full time cloth nappy aficionado may prefer the full cloth outer and inner, but as I have never managed to fully cloth for any length of time I would love to hear what you think and let me know if you would prefer this system? Or do you just like the idea of one nappy, no insert or liners that just gets washed and stuffing necessary. Would love to hear your thoughts?

I love the way these little gPants s look on Finley, they just blow regular disposables out of the water in the style ratings! I can see why people get addicted to buying funky new colours and patterns! Plus the girls versions *swoon* they have little embelisments and beautiful patterns....Do you think Finley would mind a pink pom pom on his bum? hmmmm! 
On their website it says that you only need to 6-8 gNappies for full time use! They currently have a set of 6 gpants and inserts for a third of the price of what you would spend on a cloth nappy stash - have a peek here or if you fancy just trying them out like me have a look at their starter bundle here

Overall I was really impressed with gNappies and definitely something I would consider stocking up on and possibly converting full time too. Any large amount of money laid down will of course be an investment but with all the pros of this product I would highly recommend going for it and making the switch! 
Love Kayleigh & Finley


  1. These are so cute!


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    Enzie Shahmiri

  2. How cute! I love the idea of these... may do some research into them! xxx

  3. Yes we loved the nappies! Such a great design and fitted very well!

  4. This is a great review thanks for sharing, I have been looking at G Nappies for my new son, I knew they worked slightly different to normal cloth so this has helped x

    1. Thanks Kara - We loved them but only tried the disposable inserts, we would love to try all cloth one day - something I am very interested to try out :) xx


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