Thursday, 2 May 2013

Taking the plunge....cutting off my long hair!!

Yes that's right, you heard me loud and clear...I have only gone and had my hair cut, and not a trim a whole bunch has been taken off. 

If you know me you will know I have a little fear of having my hair cut...not a phobia or anything like that but when I was around 14 or so I had hair down to the bottom of my back and some wannabe trend setter hairdresser decided it would be a snazzy idea to chop it all off into a weird bob type boy haircut! It wasn't a good look for a young girl, who didn't yet have access to GHDs and so I wore my hair in the tiniest little bunches on top of my head for around a much so my school friends said they looked like shrek ears. So as a result ever since then every time I visit a salon the usual 'trim please' blurts out as I have flashbacks to the whole 'shrek ears' phase. *Shakes it out* If you would like to see my horrendous boy hair please let me know and I may even do a hair story post to give you all a good belly laugh.

Anyhow, I had been thinking for months to cut my hair but never had the bottle to call up and book myself in. When my local Saks salon put a message out on their Facebook page saying that they were looking for models...only hair models otherwise they would be in for a shock when I walked in haha. Perfect I thought, they wanted someone for a certain cut a square layer if you will and suits mid to long hair. I messaged them and they booked me straight in. I also asked if I could blog all about the morning and they happily said I could :D

I have been a hair model a few times before but it has always been for colour, back in the day there weren't many people who would put themselves forwards for a bright red all over colour with purple slices. I once told school I was going to the hospital for some kind of made up appointment and walked back into ICT with flame red hair swishing behind me...oops!

The following week I popped down to the salon and a lovely lady who is currently an apprentice at the salon was all set up to get cracking on my Barnett. She talked through the cut I was having and if I had any questions, then the dreaded question came up "how much can we take off" I was brave and held up 5 inches ready to be chopped.  No going back now....

She was great, talked me through the whole process and there was a stylist with her to answer any questions she had or give her any hairdresser tips or tricks.

I could see the cut coming along nicely and instead of feeling anxious about saying goodbye to my long hair I was excited to see it being cut into a real style again. I even admitted to cutting my own hair which I have done for too long...and they could tell *slaps wrists*. And to be honest looking back I can tell, my hair never sat right and don't get me started on what my fringe was like...splinge alert. But since its all been styled properly and they corrected all my mistakes it falls so much better and my fringe has been fixed. Hoorah!

From This                                                                        To This  
To This :D
Bobbie-Jay, the lovely lady who re-did my whole do was fantastic and did this curly masterpiece blow dry with only brushes? Say What? I love it, I love how it has gone from random lengths all over the place to a lovely blunt cut at the bottom...I am even tempted to get another 2 inches cut off so it is officially mid length but it might take me another 8 years to pluck up the courage.

Curly version
Overall I am so pleased I took the plunge and finally cut more than a millimetre off my hair, I would recommend it to anyone that is contemplating it.
I now want to change the colour but one step at a time otherwise Matthew may not recognise me.

I totally recommend taking a look in your local Saks salon and asking if they have any apprentices that need models for cuts or colours. Why not get pampered and possibly a whole new look whilst saving yourself some pounds as well. You can check for your local Saks salons here. Alternatively if you don't have a local Saks just ask your nearest or most fave salon if they have any opportunities going.

Straight Version :)
Wahooo for new hair :D 

Love Kayleigh x

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