Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Proper Little Chatterbox

This was the intended post for Sunday before the mammoth decorating task set off, luckily its nearly all finished now and we just need to add the finishing touches and well...Finley.

Today I wanted to jot down a major milestone for Finley, he is becoming a proper little chatterbox. 

He has always been a babbly baby ever since he discovered he had a little voice, and was saying the usual mama and dada from around 6-7 months -ish. In fact I have a video of him at 3 months old saying hiya....a total fluke but something fun to impress people with haha.

The past month or so his speech has developed so much, and its getting to the point that he is picking new words up daily. Just yesterday he was off to bed and there it was a little 'nigh, nigh' for Daddy, how cute. Of topic a little here (as usual) when it comes to little Finners he isn't the most cuddly baby and any attempt to give kisses was either a head butt or a open mouth dribbly kiss on the cheek, but the past week he has given out little pouty pecks for us *heart jumps for joy* when my Dad came round at the weekend he asked him for a little goodbye kiss and he happily obliged giving him two tiny pecks on the lips. Too cute! Now we just need to master the cuddling...but somehow this wriggly bum doesn't stay still enough for cuddles. 

Anyway I digress, the majority of the words Finley says relate to a certain thing or item but I'm sure some are just him copying sounds and mouth shapes we teach him.

Here is the list of words Finley is saying at a little under 15 months old - 

Dada or Daddeee
MumMum - Only when he really wants something or is upset...I read his mind most of the time!
Oh Dear 
DeeeLishus (Delishus) - This ones from Peppa Pig
Doggie (Even the Cat is a dog according to Finley)
Yoggie or Goggurt (for his little fromage frais)
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Nooooo (now he has added DaDa to the end) Noooo DaDa
Hiya but without the H
Louder (no idea where this has come from)
Muddy (but he had a phase where is sounded like Murder, Yikes! Not a great one for 2am)
And his most recent - Nigh Nigh

He is still learning a few other words at the moment, if I point to a little baby and say it over and over he can say bayb not quite there on that one but almost. 

I always panicked about his speech and wondered how he actually would pick it up but I think us talking to him all the time really helps. I point out everything from his breakfast to juice, I tell him what I am doing with his toys....but it just comes naturally, I think all parents do it. I ask him questions and then answer them for him and we sing to him all the time...honestly if you were a fly on the wall you would laugh at some of the random little songs we make up for him...especially Matthew.

To help his speech with recognition I recently bought a couple of sets of flashcards from Ebay, they are just laminated pictures with the word itself. I went for colours and pets because he loves Doggies. I really wanted flashcards with pictures of real animals rather than cartoons to hopefully make it easier when we are out and about for Finley relate...not that we see many chinchillas running around our village. Each pack was around £3 and will be handy right up until primary school...if he doesn't destroy them before hand. If you have access to a laminator they would be easy enough to make and that way you can make your own Mummy, Daddy and family cards too! 

 Since he has been saying more and more it really hit me what a big boy he is now, I am so happy that he is developing how he should and it is so cute to hear him say Goggart when he is eating his little strawberry yogurt but again it is just another reminder that he is growing up way too fast! I wish there was a little pause button on him so I can take in all his cute babyness before it disappears before my eyes! 

Let me know if your little one is taking yet or if you have any funny stories where they might have said something they shouldn't haha 
Love Kayleigh x


  1. Wow, Finley is quite a talker already! He is so cute.

    1. Aww thanks Jennifer, I wasnt too sure if he was on track or not, I try not to Google too much because it worries me haha, but he isnt walking yet...those lazy legs of his just dont want to move :) x

  2. It's so fun to watch language emerge from those busy little brains! My three girls all started talking at a young age and haven't stopped since!
    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Check it out here:
    Ashley Rane Sparks

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks so much for the nomination I shall check it out and try to pass on the love :) since I wrote this post he now actively points out babies and says the word. Sheesh I cant keep up with all these changes! xx

  3. Oh I love it when they start chatting. My eldest Morgan was pretty much mute until he was 3. Worried the life out of me! But the twins were always babbling. Now no one is quiet! lol

    1. I have a feeling that now he has started he will be on a roll, he is definately going to be the chatty kid in class getting told off for distracting all the other sure of it lol x


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