Monday, 4 February 2013

A weird ol' week

Take 2...yes this is the second version of the exact same post, why? I just re-read it and it read to me exactly how I have been feeling the last week. Just a little down and well,weird. 

I have sat trying to write posts for the last week but no matter how many words I typed all my mind was focused on was 'my return to work'! Yes that's right, I am now back in the office and officially an 'office working' mum! And last week I suffered the full effects of getting back into a routine that doesn't involve colouring, reading and bath time. Instead I was sent back 12 months to appeal hearings, computer systems and IT issues. 

Last week was spent squeezing every last drop of 'Finley Time' I could, every moment I captured and stored in my little mind memory box, we played with all his toys over and over, attempted to learn to walk and sang all our fave songs with Daddy.

Thursday loomed closer and closer and it just felt so surreal, ironing work clothes, getting my change together for the bus! How did this day come around so quickly, how will Finley manage without his Mummy there? Will I cope being away? all went really well! My first day back was lovely, seeing all my friends, sweets, biscuits and a chance to sit down for longer that 10 minuets. I have the most wonderful team who knew I was a little nervous and after the first hour it was like I had never left. I text Matthew throughout the day and gave him a call at lunch and Finley did great, he had a fab day with his Daddy :D 

After what seemed like the quickest day ever I got the bus home and was met by a very excited Finley and possibly relived Daddy! His little face all lit up....for 10 minuets if that, once he spotted my work pass that was it, Mummy was relegated and off he went to sit twirling my pass around.

All I wanted to say is that it really wasn't as bad as I thought, it really was okay. Of course if I had the choice I would spend every moment at home but I think those two days at work will let me get back to 'Kayleigh' for a split second before I am back home snuggling and giving Finley his bottle. 

Please let me know if you are planning to return to work after your Maternity leave or if your a SAHM? Or how you found your return to work. 

Sorry for the absence, and I shall now be back on top form as usual! 

PS: the diet started today - thumbs up for losing weight - thumbs down for Twix and Crips cravings.


  1. Hahaha, Darcie does this too, clocks my id card and plays with that as soon as I get home.... I wish I was a stay at home mummy... my job is so stressful its so hard to try and have a happy balance with everything :( Glad it went well though xxx

    1. Aww thanks, I am just about to get all my things ready for tomorrow :( I love knowing I have the security of a job but sometimes I wish Maternity leave was 5 years not 1 :D xxx


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