Wednesday, 5 June 2013

25 things about me

I have seen posts like this floating all over the interweb for ageeeess now and I thought it was about time I caught on with the trend and let you all in on a few embarrassing fun facts about me :D

Its always a nice easy going read and I love hearing about all the fun little quirks that other bloggers and vloggers have so if you have written a similar post link it below so I can have a peek!

Lets get going....

1. I LOVE Diet Coke! More than I should, it was my most missed thing when I was pregnant and caffeine free just does not hit the spot.

2. Matthew and I got engaged when I was 19, we then got married when I was 22 and had our first baby Finley when I was 24.

3. My Namesake song is by a band called Marillion "Kayleigh, is it too late to say I'm sorry" fancy a listen to this 80s ballad click here

4. I break easily and I am very clumsy, I have many a story of different broken bones and trips to A&E! Including fractured ankles, broken legs and a majorly sore broken in three places arm! And I am embarrassed to say I did it on these 90s bad boys

5. My Best Friend in primary school was originally from Seattle in the US.

6. I never ever drink cups of tea or coffee.

7. My most fave food in the world are sandwiches...mmmmmmm. We often make an hour round trip to my most favourite sandwich shop because I love them sooo much. 

8. Matthew never ever calls me Kayleigh, when we first met he called me Pebble for ages, then Button which evolved into Sandwich Button now he just calls me Sandwich. Sounds a little weird when he is shouting me in the middle of Next.

9. We very nearly choose the name Spencer instead of Finley.

10. Before I discovered Blogging and Youtube I used to sleep with make up on and hardly ever use moisturiser....the thought of that now makes me shudder. I apologise now to my poor face. 

11. I was a waitress for 3 years in my teens and I loved it! Yup you heard it right, I loved running around on busy functions, chatting to customers and working 13 hour days! I'm not too sure why...I think its because I am very much a people person and people pleaser.

12. I moved out from my parents house into my first flat with Matthew 4 days after I turned 18.

13. I loved swimming when I was a kid, I had achieved my Bronze, Silver and Gold by the time I was 9.

14. I cannot work Itunes, Help Me!

15. I'm too scared to dye my hair any other colour than bright red or pink.

16. I was lucky enough to have the best pregnancy ever.

17. Dry Shampoo has completed my life.

18. I am a homebird and the perfect night in is trash TV, peace and quiet, comfy pants and blogging.

19. I probably only drink alcohol twice a year...I'm not tee total or anything I just never fancy a grown up drink.

20. I cant help but bite my nails and cuticles...gross but I am keeping it real. 

21. I use lip balm all day every day and if I didn't have one close by I would be having heart palpation's.

22. I used to have a 14mm ear plug, wear baggy skater jeans and hang out at skateboard parks...this was around 10 years ago! Wow I feel old saying 10 years ago *sob*

23. I am the worst person at texting or calling back.

24. When Take That were massive in the 90s I had a teeny weeny crush on Mark Owen <3 I had a massive Take That poster up on my wall and one day I decided that he needed a freshen up, so took my toothbrush and brushed his teeth on the poster! The shame! And yes, he had a white foamy mouth from that day on.

25. I have wanted to and still want to make Youtube videos for over 3 years but I am too scared.

So those are my 25 for you :) I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much haha

I could have thought of a million more so if you want another similar post like this in the future just let me know. 

Hope you enjoyed reading?

Love Kayleigh x


  1. I was also terrible at biting my nails, so I started wearing nail varnish and hated the taste so it stopped me!

    1. Even nail vanish doesnt stop me I just end up picking it off! The only time I never bit them was just after having Finley, they were so long and looked lovely...wish I could stop! xx

  2. Good post! I'm also terrible for biting my nails and cuticles and shared your Mark Owen crush lol.
    I was actually also named after the Marillion song in a way - although my name isn't Kayleigh!! Odd?! Yes it is! (There was already a Kayleigh in our family, so instead they changed the K to a H! lol)

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. I loved Mark Owen even when he had his solo career 'clementiinnnneeee' I had that song on tape! Feel even older now haha. My friend in collage was called Hayley, we were always together so people merged our names to 'ayleigh' just for ease because we always turned around whenever someone shouted either of us. I think there was a boom of Kayleigh's when that song was released...there were 5 in my year of school. xxx

  3. Loved this :) I have met Mark Owen ;) it's always been Jason Orange for me ;) I think you should do you tube, it isn't as scary as it looks, I felt so silly at first making video's but now I miss it if I don't film, go on do it.................I shall nag you til you do ;) lots of love and hugs as always, Zoe xxxx

    1. Oh My, I saw your comment flash up and I am sat here re-watching your questions videos from January :D WOW I would have passed out if I met him in real life, a friend at my old work used to live round the corner from him in Oldham! Jealous! Matt keeps nagging me too :) I promise I shall get one done soon, no matter how much I stutter haha love and hugs all the back to you too xxxx


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