Monday, 6 May 2013

What's in my Changing Bag - Toddler Version

I am sure that this is not going to be THE most exciting post you have ever read, but an intriguing one none the less. I love 'whats in my bag' type posts and videos, I cant get enough of them and the majority of time everyone has near enough the same things...just like mine. 

I don't have anything overly exciting lurking in my changing bag, just the essentials. All the exciting things (especially those that are breakable) go in Mummy's bag so if you would like to see whats in my handbag let me know and I shall upload that too :D 

First off my changing bag is the Yummy Mummy Changing Bag in the Lovebirds design, I bought this when Finley was around 4 months old and debated getting a blue boy type bag but I thought, I will be carrying it 90% of the time and it kinda is a present for me so why not have it a tad girlie?! It is a little pricey at £79 but it has stood the test of time and has loads of features! Finley's old bag barely fit his Dr Browns bottles in the dedicated slots so they had to go in loose and were just roaming around the place, leaking everywhere! Gah! The Pink Lining Bag has two handy bottle holders that are also insulated...perfect. It also comes with a padded changing mat however it does take up a lot of room so depending where we go I might not take it out with us. A little pen holder...for all those notes I am taking at playgroup....yeah! More like stopping Finley hitting poor Scarlet over the head with a maraca. A tiny clip for your keys and a fancy mirror for keeping yourself, preened, beautiful and well, yummy...or in my case 'top knot, leggings and no mascara' YES!

1. Spare Clothes

Yup...a necessity for any little person aged 0-maybe7. Now Finley is a little older and seems to have grown out of his reflux and isn't being sick every 20 minutes I tend to take a spare pair of trousers of jeans, a little all in one vest and a T-shirt...I must have whipped out the t-shirt the other day for something so you shall just have to use your imaginations for that one. A spare pair of socks....which happened to be odd. I always put matching ones on when we go out but these little tinkers slipped in...but I was keeping it real for you all! When he was tiny we took out sooo many vests, onsies, muslin squares, bibs, outfits! His whole wardrobe was in that bag. 

2. Nappies and Wipes

I always have a handful of nappies stowed away in his changing bag, we tend to opt for disposables out and about for ease of use. And a pack of THE best wipes everrrrr....check my best wet wipes review here. I love them and I bought a 12 pack bundle for £12 from Chemist direct recently as I can never find them cheap enough in the big supermarkets. We also have nappy bags too, but a flimsy plastic bag wasn't floating my boat when I took the pictures so it was removed from shot haha. Once you have seen one you have seen them all I suppose. 

3. Snacks 

Snacks, Snacks and more Finley is a little better with his eating I like him to have something to nibble on if he fancies it so I always stock up with plenty. His current faves are fruit puree pots, little nibbly biscuits, flapjack type bars, raisins and smoothies! Yum! We always have a juice on standby too, I wish he would drink just plain water but no matter how much we tried he wasn't having any of it, so I trick him...sorry Finley. I fill his beaker almost to the top with water and splash in a tiny bit of fresh juice like Apple or Orange. I am guessing it just takes that 'plain' taste away. 

4. Changing Mat and Little Red Book

I mentioned before that his changing mat is a little bulky and it takes up so much space, its a great thick plush thing but now he is older he is double the size of it anyway. We only usually take this out if I'm not sure of the changing facilities but it is always stored in here to keep it safe. 
We also keep all his little appointment slips and any of his medical details like his Little Red Book in the plastic wallet. I had no idea what a Red Book was before Finley and had never even seen one before, but it is a handy booklet that you take to all your Health Visitor and Doctors appointments. It has all his weights logged in there from when he weighed less than 6 pounds. All his injection details, just anything medical or developmental. I was wondering if you have anything like this in the US? 

5. Toys and Books

Soooo many toys, to be honest some often end up in my handbag we take that many...anything to keep him busy and distracted. On a side note here, Finley has started playing with them so well recently, not just bashing them around (even though he still does do this) but crawling around driving his cars, sitting and pressing buttons but then waiting till a song has finished and presses a new one, he will even sit with a book and turn the pages one by one pointing out Peppa and George. Too much cuteness for me to handle.

6. Toiletries and Creams

I am always lugging around some kind of lotions and potions for Finley...and I even found a toothbrush buried deep at the bottom. The health visitor gave us this and a little tube of toothpaste because she said not to use any baby toothpaste with less than 1000 ohm? Not sure what that stands for exactly. They have to have at least 1000 'units' of fluoride in to be doing any good, so she gave us this tube but said just use our normal grown up toothpaste and he will soon enjoy the minty taste :D I also have a tube of the world best tea tree cream which is my magic cure for anything and everything...I love it! A little mini Sudocrem that I received in a Bounty pack when I was pregnant, luckily Finley has had Nappy rash less than 3 times so we hardly use this, but still handy to have to hand. A tiny Olbas oil for sniffly noses and a 50+ suncream as the weather is starting to pick up and the sunshine is out!

7. Spare Change

I found this lurking around in the bottom of my bag...that shall be topping up the piggy bank.

That was the grand total of what was hiding inside my changing bag, if you have any staples or essentials you think I have missed out then please let me know what they are and I shall pop them in. I'm sure as the seasons change so will my bag so any tips are welcome here for what to pop in for Summer all the way to Winter. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you want to see my a 'Whats in my handbag post' please let me know and I shall get snapping and showing you the amount of rubbish I cram into one bag haha. 

Whilst I was taking the pictures little Finley was peeking over his gate spying on what Mummy was up too and I realised that he hasn't appeared in recent posts so I put together a little photo collage of him being cheeky for you all to have a gander at. I promise this is the last picture in this already very heavy pictured post. Have a great day everyone!

Love Kayleigh x


  1. I love the pics at the end, such a handsome little thing! I love your changing bag too, the design is beautiful Xx

    1. Awww thanks, he doesnt always act cute though lol :D I love the design too, isnt too girly but very original. Plus Coral is my most fave colour and the moment too! I'll be sure to check out your website x

  2. Great post Kayleigh! I received my Andrex goodies btw!There Fab!!


    1. Aw thanks, I am thinking of changing it up soon and getting him a little backpack as well. Glad you received the goodies :) speak to you soon xxx


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