Monday, 11 July 2011

Seeing the Midwife for the first time ever!

So we finally had our first Midwife appointment last Thursday, and while were on the subject is there a reason that the NHS don't see any pregnant women before 10 weeks!! It seems in the US they have a first scan at 6-8 weeks. Oh well. 

Everything went really well and the whole appointment was about an hour long.

BUT grrrrr.....we turned up for our appointment and we had been double booked!! aggghhh so annoyed it is not even true, we had been waiting like patient well behaved people and then this lady walks in all boisterous and forceful and she got seen instead of us. Rude is not the word.
 Luckily we could be seen later that day but it doesn't fill me with much hope!

In the appointment the Midwife goes through what seems like a millions questions whilst I sit there going, No, No, No, No to everyone of them. She also asked Matthew some questions about his family history which I wasn't expecting so be prepared.

I had a blood test eekk which didn't go to plan but I wont go into detail for the squeamish out there. All in all the appointment went well.

I also got my 1st Bounty pack which I will do a blog post on and give a break down of all the booklets and has sooo much information in.

Next step - First Scan :) 

I know I have.
x Kayleigh x

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