Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its Scan Time

Yay I have my appointment through for my first scan. 
To be honest it has made me more nervous than I thought. Im full of emotions from happiness but also a little anxious that there might be a problem. 
Me and Matt always wanted a baby and after trying for so long as soon as I got pregnant I worried something bad would happen. I dont think I will ever stop worrying so I best get used to it. 

Our Midwife had said that they wont scan me until 14 weeks but im officially 12 weeks today and my appointment is on Wednesday....hmmmm maybe she didnt want me getting my hopes up for an early scan. 

Everyone cross your fingers for a happy healthy baby and I wil report back with more exciting news soon.

I dont like naked posts so here are a couple of pics I found on that I thought were cute as pie.

x Kayleigh x

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