Thursday, 21 July 2011

12 Week Scan

Well, we have had our first scan :) 

I cant believe that I am 12 weeks pregnant already, it has gone so quickly. I remember finding out we were pregnant thinking 12 weeks is so far away but here we are.
I thought I would go through the day so you can let me know if you felt the same.
I started the day going to work to try and keep my mind focused on something rather than being so nervous I could be sick!
I was jittery and jumpy all day and was probably not any use to anyone but I tried to keep busy. 
Our appointment was at 2:30 so we set off a little earlier to make sure we were there on time....Matt has a thing about never being late.

We arrived at the Women's unit and waited patiently, I was bouncing around needing a wee because you have to fill your bladder before the scan...they don't say why but you have to be bursting...and I was. 

Then the Sonographer called my heart was pounding and Matt was quiet.

I was so nervous, you hear all these horror stories of missed miscarriages and I prayed I wouldn't be another statistic to add to that list. 

I went into the room with Matthew and laid down on the bed, still bursting for a wee may I add. 

She squirted the jelly on my tummy which was surprisingly warm and began the Ultrasound. 

As soon as she placed the stick thingy on my belly it was there :)

You could actually see it bobbing about and fidgeting trying to get comfy, so much so she had a job measuring it. 

She carried on over my belly and pointed out the little heart which was pumping away....relief is not the word. I had a little tear at this point just knowing the Bun was okay. 

From the measurements she took she put my dates back a few days so my new due date is the 3rd February 2011.

That was all she did, I thought it would be a longish appointment but I was only in there for 15 - 20 minuets but it flew by.

I want to see my little Bun again but I will have to wait till the 14th September.

We are both so happy and we know that the Bun is as well. 

Here is a little pic - Don't you just Love it

x Kayleigh x

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