Monday, 22 April 2013

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil Review

I have loved this product for soooo long and thought it was about time I wrote a rave review...and with it being National Earth Day what better a time to take a peep at this natural all organic product!

I first was introduced to Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil back when I received a bottle in my first ever Glossybox, which was many many moons ago...I remember using it to soothe my achey skin and keep those stretchmarks at bay when I was pregnant with Finley. Everything has come full circle and now he loves it more than I do...if that's possible.

As you probably know I am a skincare addict and love anything that promises to moisturise and banish my flakey dry skin...hurry up summer I need some Vitamin D! A while back I posted about my current skincare loves here, but this is that good it deserves a post all on its own.

You know when you stumble across a miracle cure that you have been searching for forever, well this is my miracle product for Finners of all people. He has inherited my sensitive pale skin that drys and gets chapped at the slightest touch of cold weather and with the Winter that is never ending and is still here in the UK at the end of April he has suffered a little more than most. 

Those poor little cheeks were looking worse for wear and no amount of body butter or E45 was shifting it, then one day I ran out of his beloved vanilla coconut oil (which I cannot find anywhere now :( booo) and as a treat used the pomegranate oil after his bubbly bath from head to toe...concentrating the majority of product on his little nose and cheeks. 

I woke up in the morning and to my surprise his little chapped cheeks were soooo much better, I gave him another smothering the next night and every night after and I would say within 3 days he was back to normal. It sounds too good to be true but trust me it works wonders, even I still cant believe my luck at using it once as an emergency and now being in love ever since. 

Don't be scared of the thought of rubbing an oil into your skin, it glides on so easily and sinks straight in within minuets. I would say the texture is a little thinner than olive oil and a little definitely goes a long way!

I adore the fruity sweet fragrance to the oil, it always throws me straight back to being in those first months of pregnancy all excited and feeling those flutters, I love it when a smell does that...transports you right back to a moment in time. A little off track but Anna Sui Perfume - Sui Dreams always reminds me of when Matthew and I first met...and Nina Ricci - Nina was the perfume I wore on my wedding day :) hmmmm fuzzy happy memories.
Even Matthew comments on how lovely the Pomegranate Oil smells, every bath time he says to Finley 'ooooo you smell delishus':D

Overall would I recommend to new mums - YES would I repurchase - YES and I have done many times
The only thing I would query is the price, when I received my first ever bottle it was priced at £10 but since then I am now paying £17 - a slight hike in the price but totally worth it if you ask me! The last bottle I bought was from Ebay, great for bargain hunting as you can search for a good deal like getting free P+P. 

I would even suggest popping a few drops in an evening bath for some sumptuous relaxing me time and you feel extra nourished and moisturised afterwards. I really couldn't be without a bottle of this in the house, at the moment we have two! I am starting to buy in bulk for fear of running out haha...

If your little one is suffering from little patches of dry skin or chapped cheeks give this a go, you will be as surprised as I was and be soon be stocking up for yourself too.

Love Kayleigh x

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