Monday, 15 April 2013


Here's a little deja vu for you all...remember only a few posts back I mentioned how we were all struck down with sniffles and general illness, well, its happened all over again!

I'm not sure who or what to blame, but as playgroup has been closed the past two weeks I am guessing it is something I picked up from work! Gah.

To be honest I would say this is the ill-est (if thats a word) that Finley and I have ever been in unison as it were, Matthew has managed to side step this one...lucky him. We are just about on the mend and couldn't leave you all in limbo any longer, no matter how much my eyes want to close.

I was in the office on Thursday thinking hmmmm why have I come out in this weird rash, everyone was convincing me that because I'm so pale and sensitive it was a mild allergic reaction....nope I'm guessing it was the beginnings of a viral infection. It progressively got worse and worse and by Friday evening Finley was not looking a happy chappy and I could no longer smell.

He woke up on Saturday morning burning up....I mean, actually on fire. Luckily we managed to control his temperature and had a little breakfast but that whole day he lay on the couch, lay on one of us and generally cuddled his way through the day. He has never ever cuddled so much in his entire life...he just had none of that get up and go that he generally has in buckets. The poor thing had to had a bath in the evening because he was a little sick at tea time and I even had to cuddle him in the bath...yikes, I have never known such a poorly Finners. 

 Here is a little snipit of that poorly pig Finners :(

Sunday was very much of the same, cuddling, coughing, and trying to drink as much juice and milk possible.
Luckily we perked up Sunday evening and we are now on the mend, I'm still coughing and sounding a little husky...those managers at work are in for a treat when I get on the phones haha. Finley seems to have got over the worse and his appetite for food and fun is back in full force.

Lets just hope that I don't pick any more bugs up anytime soon, we could do with a rest now please, so if you are listening noro virus we don't want to see you in this house any time soon. Thank you.

Hope you are all okay? Luckily the sunshine is on its way to banish any of those winter bugs :) 

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Poor both of you! Your immune systems should be totally rocken now right???

    1. I'm hoping this is the last of it all...I can get over being ill but I hate seeing Finley so ill, he is back to normal now though...full of mischief. xx


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