Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sundays are made for....

Decorating, decorating and more decorating! 

Finally we have all the bits and pieces together to start cracking on with Finley's superhero nursery...well big boy room now :) 

I thought I would pop on with a quick little post to share with you all what I have been busy with this Super Sunday.

Finley's Superhero wall...

In Matt's words 'it will be a 30 minute job', hmmmmm maybe an hour I thought, wrong....3 hours later I finally stuck that last last comic page to the top corner. I can still smell PVA glue now, its like being 5 all over again.

I will be taking snazzy pictures soon and write  full post on how I managed to survive the comic wall and where to get all the supplies needed....failing this you can buy pre-printed marvel wallpaper....gosh darn it! *face palm*

Here is the finished product all ready for Finley to no doubt come in and pick each and every piece off, oh well at least it looks cool...even if only for a few days! haha.

Make sure to pop back soon for all sorts of superhero baby room fun!

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Wow that is so awesome, my son would love this in his bedroom!

    1. It took forever haha! Im off to take some more proper pics, I just hope he loves it as much as me...otherwise me and his Dad are swapping bedrooms :D xx


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