Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Playdate

Finley has just gone down for his afternoon snooze so here I am to jot down the afternoons events. 

There's not much more to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon other than letting mummy Finley play with toys :) 

We dug into the toy basket and plucked out a few of Finley's faves to mess around with, however he seems to be teething a lot at the moment so he sat and chewed whilst I played with everything! 

He has his own little corner in our living room where we keep everything 'Finley', he has his toys, some of his books and his much loved Jumperoo.We recently bought some foam matts from Ebay to cushion that tiny bum and to protect his little head if he falls. 

We had great fun messing with toys, pressing buttons on phones and using rattles as mini hammers, he is so much more focused with his play now. For example is he drops his toy he will shuffle over to pick it up, rather than moving on to the next bright coloured thing he spots. 

Here are a few photos of his most loved toys

Every little boy needs a Peter Rabbit

And just to top off this already very heavy picture post here is another beauty.

Overall we had a great little afternoon clanging toys together, chewing on poor Sophie Giraffe and laughing at his singing pig. These moments might not seem like much when you do them all the time but I like to stop and reflect as one day he will be running out of the front door to play with his friends!

This is my new mission to capture not only the big milestones and events that happen but the daily 'loves' that we will have with Finley. 

Let me know how you plan to cherish your lovely baby memories :) 

Love Kayleigh x



  1. Finley is SO CUTE! I love him! xxxx

  2. Im really loving your blog!!! x

    1. I'm so glad, I love writing it :) Its my little place to run to when everything is quiet..well for 5 mins anyway xx


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