Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cripes what has happened to my babies face?

Look at that little face, I cant even remember him being so tiny and squishable.
Today I wanted to let you all know about baby acne and how it effected Finners. 

One morning I woke up and all of a sudden I noticed these tiny little red lumps on Finley's cheeks, they looked like little like heat lumps but were more raised....just like spots I suppose. He didn't seemed phased by it and the health visitor confirmed it was nothing to worry about. Later that evening in his bubbly bath when I was washing his hair tiny flecks of skim were peeling off his head, like a shedding snake. As I washed his face the same was happening. As usual I took to the Internet 'what is this, why does he have it, is it my fault' I'm surprised my laptop keys haven't worn out. 

From the research I did he had a combo of baby acne and cradle cap that spread from his head to his face. 

  He was just over 3 1/2weeks old in the picture and I would say this was the worst it ever got.
Cradle Cap and Baby Acne both appear in the first couple of weeks after birth but can last a while - some people have said anything from weeks to years. Luckily for us Finley's was only a few weeks, and the worst of it cleared up in a few days. Fun fact for you - some scientist say that Baby Acne can be caused by a surge of hormones at the end of pregnancy that lead to the break out....hmmmm what do you think?

We managed his cradle cap by using Dentinox Cradle Cap shampoo. It was exactly like normal baby shampoo and he had no adverse reactions. The smell was fine....unlike their colic drops - I'm surprised people even buy those! After a couple of washes it seemed to improve and he wasn't peeling half as much :) A very cool alternative is expressed Breast Milk :)

Finley was looking less like a scaly lizard and mummy stopped panicking. The acne did take slightly longer to heal but I think this is down to him catching the spots with his tiny fingers.

After all the worry he was back to normal within 1 month looking as cheeky as ever. 

So any worried mums out there reading this now don't fret, it will get better but if your really worried just pop him/her to the doctors for a look....don't ever feel put off seeing your GP that is what they are there for :) 

Let me know if you had a similar experience to this or even if your baby had this later on in life? 

Love Kayleigh x


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