Thursday, 25 October 2012

Maternity Leave Vs Work update

I have realised that since I updated to say I was popping back into work I have only done one post, don't panic I survived but I think it was a little bit of an information overload and my brain needed to settle down again.

So how did it go? Surprisingly very well, Finley was perfectly happy getting some Daddy time and from the sounds of things he didn't even know I was missing! I thought I might be this emotional wreck waving off my baby but I knew he was with his Dad and having loads of fun :) Perhaps if he was at nursery this would be a different story just because it isn't someone you know very well taking care of him. 

I walked into the office and it was the weirdest feeling, it felt like I had never been away but on the same hand when I look back it feels forever ago I was chatting to disgruntled managers about their problem employees! Everyone was coming over chatting to me and waving like I was some celebrity haha it soon wore off by the second day.

I wasn't doing 'real' work but some training that had been organised so I didn't have to use too much brain power. During the training little memories of past cases and policies were flooding back, one of the major things I was worried about was how I wouldn't remember anything and look a total douchebag but there was 'geek of the class' answering in detail why employees go to tribunals! I thought all that information had been crushed and overtaken by the sleepless nights and belly tickles. 
Finley wasnt fussed I was off to work yesterday :(
After the training I had the dreaded 'return to work' chat with my manager! 'noooooo' how can Finley be so old that I am even contemplating working properly again. Luckily work and especially my department are very flexible and are happy for me to return part time. I couldn't imagine working full time these days so I have settled on 16 hours a week. That's if nothing changes work wise before I return.

Quick tip here - before you return to work please check out your rights and also what benefits you may be entitled too or even what you may loose if you return. If you have any questions on why I came to my decision just ask :) I would also advise strongly if you are planning on returning in the next few months pop in like I have a few hours a week to get used to it. You will be entitled to get paid for this so definitely comes in handy when you hit zero pay.

From this week I am classed as back in employment but using my accrued leave until January, I have waved off my maternity leave and will miss it dearly but I knew that it would never last forever. I just hope these last few months I have off will go as slow as possible for me to capture Finley's baby-ness just that little bit longer.

I would love to hear if you have recently returned to work or if you decided not too and be a stay at home mum?

Love Kayleigh x

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  1. WOW! you look like a very important business lady! Your photo's are top quality, do you have an SLR camera? x


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