Monday, 1 October 2012

My guilty pleasure

You might think that this post will be all about cheesy 90s pop music and fast food, both of which are some serious pleasures but who could ever feel guilty eating Dominos with Aqua playing in the background! Not me that's for sure. 

Today I will let you all in on a little secret.

My serious guilty pleasure, almost addiction is - QVC 

Not necessarily buying anything from them but watching their shopping channel daily. It sounds so strange but its almost addictive.

I cant quite put my finger on the reason I love QVC that much, its easy viewing I suppose, something you can put on and carry on pottering about without having to pay too much attention. But on the other hand I could sit and be glued to the presenters rabbit on about cushions and craft items....I don't even craft! 

You are all know thinking what an old lady, yes QVC does cater for the old lady type with a lot of what they sell but don't be put off. They sell some great things at amazing prices, I have switched to buying my Liz Earle products from them as you get so much more for your money. They sell OPI, Alpha H, Bobbi Brown and so much more. Take a look, I think you will surprise yourself at the prices and also the range of what they sell.I also recently bought some great cookwear that I will do a review on soon :) Be careful though, don't get addicted to buying its all about the watching for me.

I'm glad I got that of my chest, I hope you take a look and see what bargains you can find or are you already a QVC addict.
Let me know your guilty pleasures.

Love Kayleigh x

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