Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Finleys Mega Manicure Tip

I don't know if all babies have superhuman fingernails that grow at the speed of light or if it is just Finley. I wanted to share my secret on how to give your baby the perfect safe manicure.

When Finley was tiny I was far too nervous to use nail clippers anywhere near his wavy, jumpy newborn hands so I just bit the little tips of his nails off after his bath. He never used to mind and because he was asleep most of the time he didn't even know it was happening. 

My challenge began when he became aware of what I was trying to do, pulling his hands away thinking I was playing some weird hand game. I thought to myself, if I file my nails then why shouldn't I file Finley's? 

Hmmmm now to grab an emery board and get cracking....I thought. Boots sell teeny tiny little emery boards but they are still very rough to the touch and with his nails being so thin they bend as soon as you push against them. 

On a quick side note soon after giving birth I randomly stopped biting my nails, I'm not sure why it was just one of those things that happened. Maybe because I didnt have chance to bite them holdinf/feeding a baby 24/7 haha. Because of my new found nail love Matthew treated me to some products from Leighton Denny. In the set he got me was this Crystal Nail File. Hmmmm I had an idea. 

 The file itself is brilliant, smooth, sleek and easy to use. It comes in an aluminium case so you can carry it around in your bag with no worries of it getting broken or use it as I do as a baby distraction tool for one hand whilst I file the other. With regular emery boards you have that sharp edge where the cardboard ends and it can slice your finger if you pull it down at the wrong angle. With Leighton's file it is rounded all the way around and completely smooth, ensuring a panic free baby manicure. The file itself is so smooth, when you run in along the nail it turns the filings into dust rather than breaking the nail off and catching, that is also a bonus because if you catch their little fingers they wont even notice. 

It takes me two minuets to file Finley's nails now with no tantrums or worry that I will hurt his tiny little fingers. I would say on average I file his nails once a week before they are getting a little sharp again.

Overall a fantastic product from Leighton both for me and Finley, you can get yours here and as an added bonus you get a 25 year guarantee so if for any reason it looses its file-ability you can get a new one :) 

Let me know if you do anything similar? Or if you struggle to keep those little hands still enough to file. 

Love Kayleigh x

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  1. Great post Kayleigh!

    I hope Leighton Denny appreciates your post!

    X x X


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