Friday, 14 December 2012

Its Officialy Christmas

...well it has been officially Christmas since last Sunday but I have only just got around to writing the post, it seemed to take me forever to edit these pics, I was distracted by all the festive-ness and started browsing Christmas songs on Youtube. Concentrate Kayleigh, concentrate! Here is a pre-warning - this may become a rather picture heavy post!

Anyway, I wanted to show you all a few snaps I took of us putting up the Christmas decorations ready for Finley's FIRST EVER Christmas. *yay*
To be honest I had imagined a lovely Sunday of making paper chains together, watching Elf and Finley rolling around on a bed of tinsel but the reality was slightly different. Instead we missed Elf because Uncle Buck was on, Matthew distracted Finley with the tree star whilst I took almost half an hour de-tangling beads, which you cant even see on the tree *sheesh* and to top it off Finley decides he dislikes the tinsel very much and doesn't agree to wear it as a garland he so promised when I was 8 months pregnant last December!
Note the disapproval of a Tinsel necklace

Our Christmas Star in his Christmas PJs
t still turned out to be a lovely family festive afternoon and we enjoyed creating our own little Santa's grotto, if I had my way I would have 100% more decs up but Matthew said I was already verging on tacky...but isn't that the whole idea? I wont bore you all to tears with a picture of every single decoration we own but here are a few snaps of the tree :) 
Once we got on a roll hanging up stockings and pinning up the bunting it didn't take too long to complete the look we have now, 'a colour jumble' if you will, I haven't gone for the traditional matchy matchy look, I prefer the rustic mis-matched look. I cant wait for next year for Finley to add some homemade baubles and hanging pictures, possibly even Spiderman if he doesn't mind living in the tree for a month. 
I just had to add that this is one of our Christmassy candles we currently have burning, now I'm not one for spices especially cinnamon and this goes against all my dislikes for a candle scent, but, I love it. It is a spice-fruit combo and smells just like well...Christmas! My other fave is Cranberry which came in a set we bought here.
I shall leave you with this lovely pic of Finely and I celebrating our decorations success. Oh, it is the law to wear your hair in a bun and wrap tinsel around it from the 1st December onwards :) 

Quick read this *ssshhh* here is a secret mini quiz for you, I have secretly put little birdys in some of the photos above. Take a look and let me know in the comments how many you can spot!

Hope you all have your decorations up and counting down the days till Father Christmas comes!

Love Kayleigh x

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