Saturday, 8 December 2012

A cheeky morning with Finey

This post is a little bit of an accident really, I was just snapping away on the camera trying to get some shots of Finley sporting his festive jammies when I realised he was just being plain cheeky! At the moment it is almost impossible to get a picture of him sat still...instead he is always doing the 'I promise I'm being good Mummy/Daddy' face, whilst climbing up any furniture he can find!

To be honest I'm not surprised, I think he is getting me back for disappearing a few times this week. On Wednesday I had to leave him for the longest time ever...13 hours 40 minuets to be exact!!! *Sigh* and to add to my already mummy anxiety I was over an hour away in Manchester! For all those people who may be interested I was at the Employment Tribunal courts observing, so concentrating on cross examinations took the edge off wanting to constantly sob and call home. 
Then the next day I was out with all my bestest work chums for the works Christmas Tea, it was a quick Chinese before we got drenched running to the car to get home to Finners.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the lovely snaps I captured of Fin being a good old cheeky chap! I wouldn't expect anything less of an 11th month old baby boy....and I have a sneaky suspicion he isn't growing out of it any time soon! That is fine by us, we just love our spirited bun full of giggles and mischievous glances. 

Theres the 'look' I was talking about!

As I chased him back into the front room out of the Kitchen he headed straight to the DVDs, this baby just doesn't want to take it easy.

Let me know if your little ones are keeping you on your toes? Oh oh oh guess what.....the Christmas tree is going up tomorrow! YAYAYAYAY 
'I love you, I lovvveee You, I LOVE YOU' -can you guess my most fave Christmas film from that quote??

Love Kayleigh x

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