Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gearing up for a change

A while back I wrote a post about the pressures of losing weight after a baby, or losing weight in general in my case! I spoke about doing it for you and when you are ready, and not to feel rushed into anything, I certainly know the first year of Finley's life was special and as a first time mum I had enough daily worries like, 'why hasn't he pooed', 'what is that tiny red dot on his arm', 'oh no its injections day'. So for me adding calorie counting and snack worrying into the mix just seemed too much at the I just enjoyed eating and not worrying about it.

However I now feel like the time has come to shed a few pounds stone and feel a little more 'Kayleigh' again. I didn't gain too much weight when I was pregnant but I certainly have gained since my wedding in 2010....

Right now I'm not too sure which road to go down to loose the weight but I can guarantee one thing once I am given the challenge of weight shredding I go full force, for someone that is rather podgey I have THE best willpower. Back in 2009 I lost over 3 stone and when I look back at pictures I am happy with the overall look I achieved, I don't want to be too thin because I still like the idea of a more curvy figure, but I definitely need to be more healthy.

In the past I have considered surgery to help me get rid of the extra weight for good, and very nearly went through with it but looking back I am so glad I didn't. 2 family members did go through with it and the new 'them' they so yearned for turned out to be a very unlikeable version of themselves. That being said it is my own experiences that have led me to think this way and I'm sure not all people have experienced this. For me it really isn't worth all the sacrifices that come along with bariatirc surgery, I love food far too much to sacrifice it for life so there is no wonder they highly advise counselling afterwards! Being chunky is part of me and my personality and I know that without my belly and chubby cheeks I would be very different. So with that all said what I am trying to get at is I still want to be me, I'm happy with my personality, I'm happy to occasionally eat a twix and actually enjoy it or treat me and Matthew to a dominos on a Friday night! I'm happy with my quirky personality and my sarcastic sense of humour...the only thing I want to change is my size slightly, all I want to do is fit in a pair of Topshop jeans...comfortably! 

Courtesy of Pinterest
I may seem to contradict myself on weight loss now and again as sometimes I am very contented in my skin and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, yet other times like today I would love to be a lot thinner and think back to the years I was so much thinner *sigh*

For now I shall have a look around to see what new weight loss plan/methods would suit me best, I have tried many many ways to loose weight in the past and I may possibly re-visit some old 'friends' in the new year, but I will be sure to keep you all updated. 

Do you have any new years resolutions you plan on sticking too for 2013? Good Luck! 

Love Kayleigh x 

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