Sunday, 2 December 2012

Daddy Loves Finley this much

A slightly different post for you all tonight but I thought you might be interested in Matt's most recent addition :) Here's little background for you all first.

When Finley was teeny tiny I already knew he wouldn't be a cuddly type that snuggled with a Teddy or curled up with a glow worm in his cot. So after a little searching I opted to buy him a few Lamaze items, fun, educational but still have a hint of 'teddy' I so want him to love. One turned out to be his most cherished toy of all time...the one the only Mr Robot. 

He pops up everywhere! all you Lamaze enthusiasts out there you will probably know that his real name is 'Rusty Robot' but my husband being the creative genius he is came up with Mr Robot and it has stuck, thinking about it there is a theme running will all his toys....Mr Robot, Mr Giraffe, Mr Peter Rabbit...hmmmm! 

Anyway I wanted to show you all the Tattoo Matthew had in honour of our Fin Sausage. In total I think he has around 23ish tattoos to rival my zero haha! This was his latest and of course our most favourite one. 

It isn't your ordinary tattoo but hey, we're not the kind of family that does ordinary and when Finley gets a little older it will be great to tell him the adventures of Mr Bun and Mr Robot.

You may also be wondering who Mr Bun is....

When I was pregnant we always referred to our baby as the 'Bun' and as soon as we found out it was a boy it was Mr Bun from then on. We had three names for Finley before he arrived but we never called him his name till he was born, so it was always 'this would be lovely for Mr Bun' or 'its in Mr Bun's room'. To this day he is still our Mr Bun and he probably gets called that more than his name!!

Matt has said that he would like to get another tattoo with Finley's proper name, probably when he is a little older so Finley can write his own name and it will be an exact copy of his handwriting. I on the other hand shall be a big girls blouse and admire Matthew's tattoos from afar.

A bit of a random post for you all but I would love to see if you have any little tributes to your babies :) 

Love Kayleigh x

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