Thursday, 29 November 2012

A room for the Grown Ups

After searching the Internet high and low for ideas for Finley's new bedroom it soon dawned on me that once it is finished we will have our bedroom back!

Currently he is residing in our room until his is painted and decorated, but soon I can re-claim the massive space that his cot takes up and make our room much more 'grown up' and less like a nursery :) 

Matt and I have always rented houses that are fully furnished so we never saw the need to buy any bedroom furniture ourselves, but unfortunately that means in our new house it has left us with only two miss-matched bedside tables and a very dubious clothes rail (currently sporting a worrying tilt)!

I have been browsing the Internet for some ideas and came across some lovely pieces of Bedroom Furniture at K&Co.

I love the shabby chic, country cottage look and I am desperate to get a dressing table! All my make up is dotted all over the house and the majority is in the coffee table in the front room!! LoL! I need to put it all in one place especially now Finley has started cruising around, I wouldn't want to nip to the fridge to come back in finding him painting the cat with lipgloss!

These are a few of my favourites here 

I think that once we have decided on the 'theme' for the room that will decide what style of dresser I go for, I usually would be drawn to the all white look in a bedroom but unusually for me I love the mirror table. Its also a bargain of a price at £179 for all three items.

If anyone else has bedroom furniture ideas let me know, I love decorating tips and cant wait to get started on our new project in the new year :) 

 Love Kayleigh x

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  1. Im decorating our bedroom after christmas too!!! xxx


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