Friday, 9 November 2012

Logo Love

Oh hi there, wow its been a hectic week or so which meant I disappeared for a little...Sorry. It was Matthew's birthday on the 5th so we have been out for family meals and days out plus I've been at work return looms closer! 

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know about my fancy new logo that I had commissioned. 

Don't you just LOVE it, its a little snapshot of Matthew, Finley and I :) 

I'm currently working on a header with fancy writing and all that Jazz but for now it is popped in the sidebar purely because I want to show it off! 

A lovely lady called Emma from Bubble Trump Ltd created the whole thing from start to finish! She is do I know? because I used to eat my sandwiches with her at school and see the most beautiful sketches she did in Art! What a talent I can hear you all say! 

If you are thinking of getting something similar for your website, blog or business or even if you just want a sketch please go and check out Emma and her soon to be husband Joe's website here. This commission was extremely well priced and arrived in my inbox within days!

I cant wait to email Emma for a Christmas themed logo fit for the festive season! 

Make sure you go check out their Facebook page and go and follow them over on Twitter.

Thank you so much Emma :) *yay*

Love Kayleigh x

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