Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Decs Haul

Oh dear I have done it again, the Christmas bug has bitten and I have a few more festive items to show you all....our house is going to be like a full on Grotto by the time Christmas Day comes!

For some strange reason I have the weirdest online shopping habits, I casually browse a website for ages, see things I love, check the prices, add to basket then the 'tight-wad' in me goes and closes the whole site down! Is it just me who does this? Please tell me I am not alone in 'pretend online shopping'? 

Anyway I am a regular 'fantasy' shopper on dotcomgiftshop - Amazing website! I absolutely love living in a retro world and the thought of neatly stacked vintage lunchboxes fills me with glee. *takes a moment to swoon* The great thing about Dotcomgiftshop is the prices, usually I find that anywhere that stocks anything shabby chic or of that nature they hike the prices right up because they know how popular it is. But all the lovelies on this site are extremely well priced - sometimes cheaper than Ebay! 

So what made me check out this basket? Their amazing deal of the week offer, that's what. I have been eyeing up the Christmas section for some time now and had my heart set on some lovely Christmas bunting but as usual every time it was in my basket I clicked of the page....and regretted it every time :( 
But last week they had some fab Christmas bunting....half price! Say What?! It was a sign, in my basket it went along with a few other Christmassy bits, some retro old skool paper chains to make with Finley and some fancy napkins for our Christmas dinner! Bet you cant wait to get your chops on these Dad!! And a little sneaky prezzie for Finners' stocking!

Want to take a peek at the goodies? Here you go :) 

I think I got some great bits and my grand total was around £30, a great deal!

Make sure you go and check them out here and have a look at the deal of the week offer for some great savings :) Im currently compiling a wish list to hand to Matthew...I mean Father Christmas for him to maybe place a few treats under the tree for me.

Love Kayleigh x

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