Sunday, 25 November 2012

Superhero Bedroom

Ever since I was pregnant with Finley I never really had an urge to decorate his room in pastel blues and have little mini trains all over the walls....instead I had the idea of bringing a comic book to life, and so my mind was set...a Superhero bedroom it is.

After pondering on the 'superhero plan' for months I convinced myself he was too young and painted his room blue and had the usual matching nursery set, don't get me wrong it looked lovely but it just isn't our cup of tea. I wanted a shabby chic for boys look so settled on 'My Favourite Things' theme from Toys'R'Us, it really is charming, all patchwork and tiny blue stars, but now when I look at Finley's boisterous face and stocky frame it just doesn't suit the once 6pound baby we had.

In our new house he has a much bigger bedroom meaning the Superhero flame has been re-lit and we are back to planning his new fancy room.

Here are a few pictures of inspiration taken from Google, Etsy and Pinterest.

I'm very tempted to paint his door like the one above but not sure if maybe my imagination is running away with me and its too much, what do you think? 

I also want to have a gallery style wall of pictures and captions for him to admire like these below

I'm hoping to get it all finished and looking snazzy for his 1st Birthday when he officially turns into a big boy!

I am so excited for Finley but no doubt his reaction will be somewhat underwhelming and will crawl straight out and start to play with towel! Hey ho, he will appreciate my efforts in no time im sure and will be the envy of all his mini superhero friends! 

If you find any pieces of inspiration anywhere be sure to let me know so I can add them to my ever growing list of things to buy/make/paint :)

It looks like this is a job for Superman Supermum! 

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Go go supermum! I think Finley's bedroom will look amazing! Love the photos above! X


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