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Sainsbury's Bank Family Bloggers

Hi blog seems to be full of exciting news recently :) Hip hip hooray!
The other day I got a lovely email advising me that Beauty Life and Babies has been selected to appear on the 'Family Bloggers we love' page on the Sainsbury's Money Matters Blog! You can see the link to all the other lovely bloggers here I have been popped in the 'Inspiring Family Blogs' category.

I was a little confused as I hadn't even been in touch with Sainsbury's but it seems like they found my blog via good old Google, read it and enjoyed it...just shows you, you never know who is reading.

I have been in touch with Sainsbury's Money Matters Blog to thank them for their lovely words and since been invited to join their Family Blogger Network *yay* 
Below is a short post from Sainsbury's regarding feeding your baby whilst travelling, something I know I found difficult and if honest something I tried to avoid but tips like this would have definitely helped me and Finley :) 

Car travel with a baby to feed

A long car journey with a baby who needs regular feeds can seem a daunting challenge – especially for new mums – but as your newborn grows, you’ll want to get out and about.  

The key to a peaceful trip is getting the feeding right. Here are some tips to help keep your little one nourished while on the move.

When can I travel with my baby?

There’s no reason why you can’t travel with your baby in the car when they’re very young, but you’ll want to feel safe and relaxed.

  • First make sure that you have the correct, rear-facing child car seat, properly installed in the back of the vehicle.  
  • Check too that you have some blinds for the back windows to protect baby’s skin and eyes from strong sunlight.  
  • It’s best to keep a close eye on a newborn – if possible, someone should travel in the back to watch over the baby – and stop regularly to avoid the child being in the seat for too long. 


Picture courtesy of Sainsbury's

Breastfeeding in the car is the simplest way to keep your baby topped up.  Don’t feel that you shouldn’t breastfeed in public. The law is on your side – it is actually illegal for someone to ask you to leave a public place because you’re breastfeeding.

Be prepared – make sure you have appropriate dress for feeding. Specialist breast feeding tops are readily available, but can be expensive.  You could wear two stretchy tops instead – one that you’ll pull down and the other to lift up.  A shawl or baby blanket works well too.

Formula feeders

Gone are the days when you’d have to make sure you were carrying enough powder and sterilised bottles for your trip.  

Premixed formula is readily available and very convenient in ‘nipple ready’ bottles. If your baby isn’t used to ready-mixed milk, it might be an idea to introduce it a few days before your journey.  

If you are taking bottles and powder, keep them separate until you need them. To make up the formula, always use boiled tap water in the UK, and make sure you use only sterilised equipment. You can buy travel sterilising kits to make the job easier.

Some service stations have bottle warming facilities, but if not, beware of using milk that has been heated in a microwave. It could contain hotspots that might burn a baby’s mouth.

Storing formula

You can prepare your formula ahead of time, and store expressed milk. However, if you can’t guarantee the temperature inside a cool box or bag, it’s maybe not the best idea. Expressed milk, for example, must be stored at or below 4˚C, which is too cool for anything but the back of a fridge.

A vacuum flask can keep water hot for several hours – so if you measure dry formula into the bottom of a pre-sterilised bottle, you can make up the feed when you need it.  

In order to kill off any bacteria, the water should be used before it falls below 70˚C, and then cooled until tepid.  

Check that milk isn’t too hot by first squirting some onto the inside of your wrist. It should feel warm, but not hot.

However you choose to feed your little one while travelling, always make sure that you have adequate
car insurance

Author Bio:
Liam Williams writes for the Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters blog . In his spare time he enjoys motoring and organic gardening

Thank you so much Sainsbury's for recognising this blog and being happy to represent our little family :)

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch :)

Love Kayleigh x

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