Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween

How exciting, it was Finley's first Halloween yesterday :) 

I bought his Halloween outfit back in August, a little eager but I do love a bit of fancy dress. I opted for a spooky spider as there is little other option for anyone under 1, it was either this or a pumpkin. I cant wait to dress him up properly - face paint, dyed hair - the lot.

I planned on carving the pumpkins together but Finley had other ideas and opted to take a nap instead and Daddy has a fear of pulp so it left Mummy to do all the hard work. Shhhh don't tell them that I actually really enjoy carving pumpkins. An hour and a half later we ended up with these beauties 

Last year I did an owl style pumpkin which was soooo good (blows own trumpet) and I wanted to re-create it this year but the 'Finley's 1st Halloween' one took so long I went for the traditional 10 minute scary face! Perfect for the doorstep don't you think?

We had loads of trick or treaters, they seemed to arrive in packs! I answered the door with Finley dressed to the nines in his swish spider outfit and all the kids were saying "is that Finley" "awww, happy 1st Halloween". Then there were the few 'kids' I had doubts about, I'm unsure if a 15 year old girl wearing a onsie counts as a trick or treater, especially when she used her hands cupped together as a bag! hmmmmm! 

Overall a great 1st Halloween for Finley :) I had tried to get a picture of him sat between the pumpkins but his newly found crawing knees didn't stay put for longer than a second so I had to weigh up what was more important, perfect Halloween picture but an on fire baby or safe baby and okayish pictures. 

Hope you all had a great day and enjoyed all the spooky goings on

Share your Halloween pictures on my Facebook page :) I would love to see them 

Love Kayleigh x

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