Friday, 16 November 2012

Nuby Blogger Competition

You may or may not know that sometime ago I entered the Nuby UK blogger competition that was advertised on their Facebook page, Nuby were looking for all kinds of family groups to represent them and test out some products. I had just re-launched the blog so I thought "hey, why not enter" but after seeing some amazing entries I was doubtful I would have even a small chance of my blog being read let alone winning.

However a week or so ago I heard back from the lovely team over at Nuby and they informed me that the loved my writing style and photography and excitingly Beauty Life and Babies came runner up :) *celebration dance* How great is that! I was happy enough that Nuby themselves gave me such compliments about my blog but as an extra special treat they offered to send me and Finley some goodies to try out! 

I received my lovely parcel from Nuby at the weekend and sat Finley down to open it together 
  Is it just my baby that has more of an interest in the packaging of an item rather than the amazing present inside? 
I let Finners choose what he wanted to review first and he opted for the George Teether toy, perfect I thought, as I have a sneaky suspicion that his top teeth are well on their way. Mummy's choice is the new Grip and Sip sippy cup, I reviewed the old style here but already I can see the great improvements Nuby have made and shall be making a comparison post to show you all :) 
 I just wanted to thank Nuby for being extra generous and giving me the opportunity to review some of their lovely items for them. 

Nuby have just launched their new website here - go and check them out and see all the great offers they have available at the moment. I'm thinking mummy Father Christmas may treat Finley to some new Monster Plates and cutlery for Christmas! 

PS: Just a note about the photos, now the nights are drawing in a lot earlier :( it is so difficult to get any natural light anywhere in my house so I may look into getting a light box to make them jazzy again. Totally of topic but I wanted to keep you all informed!

I have linked all the winners to the Blogger competition below - make sure you go and check them out :)

Hannah Parker - Mums Days
Charlie Alexander – Learning Lessons in Mummyography
Suzanne Davison – Stitches and Stretchmarks
Kirsty-Anne Ross

Rebecca Beesley – The Beesley Buzz
Sonya Cisco -
Emma Rathbone – Snowing Indoors

Cara Quinn – Roman Three Six Five
Paula Fazekas – Mummy vs Work

Pauly Twinklestar – Gifts From The Pirates
Have a great day everyone
Love Kayleigh x

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  1. Your blog should have won the Nuby competition! You are a great blogger!X


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