Monday, 17 June 2013

I did it...I did it!!!

You may or may not know that for a little while (3 years!) I have wanted to sit down at the end of my bed and film a Youtube video.

I first started watching YouTube ageeeeess ago looking for make up tips for my wedding day, which funnily enough is 3 years ago on Wednesday <3 
After falling into the wormhole that is YouTube I soon found sooo many amazing people chatting away to their cameras and filling you in on their days event, whether it be annoying habits, what they got up to that day or announcing pregnancies. And from that day I have been hooked ever since.

Youtube is amazing really when you think about it, it has helped me with small things like blending out eye shadows correctly, relaxing whilst catching up with my favourite vloggers, giving me so much more advice than any antenatal class but also 'meeting' some very lovely people. 

So after a 3 lengthy years and being a scaredy cat for far too long I finally plucked up the courage and did it...yup that's right I filmed a video. agghhhhh! I admit it, I was very nervous and it shows but I finally managed to do it. It may not be a huge deal to some but for me it was a massive deal, especially since it has taken me so long. I have to thank Matthew and my lovely friend Zoe for all the encouragement and support they have given me. 

So if you fancy seeing a very nervous northern lady waffling on about absolute rubbish then I am the Youtuber for you haha. I have re-linked my Youtube account to the top of the page as it is a brand new account and the other was an old one so take a look if you fancy :) 

I shall link my channel below if you fancy a look! Ekkkkk! The account is Beautylifebabies and I currently have two videos up at the mo. I am not sure what videos to film next so if you have any requests please let me know and I will be more than happy to give them a good go. Plus if you like what you see you are more than welcome to subscribe :D 

They are a tad longer than most videos out there but they are the ones you can watch once the kids are tucked up in bed and you are all comfy on the couch.

I really hope you like them despite my rambling and nervous-ness but I am sure with time it'll get better and you never know I might even vlog out and about one step at a time though haha. 

Thanks so much for reading everyone...and watching :D

Love Kayleigh x


  1. I am so proud of you! Well done! The videos are amazing! XxxX

  2. Yay!! I have just watched! Well done you!!! xxx

    1. Thanks so much Kay - I still dont feel like I am talking like 'me' if that makes sense but I am getting there. Its so nerve racking haha. xxx


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