Thursday, 3 January 2013

Finley's First Christmas

Happy New Year everybody! Can you believe that it is 2013 already...this time last year I was psyching myself up to give birth in February whilst panicking that I still didn't have my hospital bag packed! 'Relax, you have ages' I thought, Little did I know I would be giving birth in less than two weeks! 
 Just as quick as the year began with Finley in our lives, it shot by even faster!  
One of the most exciting times Matt and I had this year was celebrating Finley's first Christmas :) For the first time in our 9 years together Christmas was celebrated at our house, Matt was the hostess with the mostess and I donned the role of Chef, to quote my Dad 'these are some of the best roast potatoes I have ever had'! Eat your heart out Ainsley!

Hands up who had Christmas Pyjamas on? We Did.
It was such a laid back lovely day, we had the usual festivities playing on the TV whilst family popped round to open presents with Finley and dress him up as Father Christmas.

My Dad spent the day with us and helped Finley unwrap his goodies from Father Christmas. He even did the washing up after I used every baking tray and pan available in the house...his invite is already in the post for next Christmas. 

Along with the good old tinsel bun went the obligatory paper hat....if you don't wear one whilst eating Christmas dinner you actually get arrested by the Christmas police! You have been warned!
Although Finley wasn't too interested in ripping open the presents and just played with his old toys he still had a great time. He was so spoilt but hey that's what having babies is all about, right?

He has far too many clothes and toys to post pictures of everything here but some shall feature in his upcoming 'Finley Faves' post :) 

Here are a few snaps from dinner, excuse his messy chops!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed eating your body weight in Roses and feasting of left over turkey sandwiches! If anyone has any Orange or Strawberry Cremes left send them my way....they are my most favourite.

Overall it was our best ever Christmas, I just cant wait for more Chrisrmasas to come around for those little squeals of excitment and 5am wake up calls to see if he has been.

Merry Christmas from us all and I hope 2013 is lucky for everyone!

Our last photo of Finley from Christmas in more Christmas PJs saying Goodnight and Thankyou.

Love Kayleigh x

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