Sunday, 30 September 2012

Forcep Delivery...dont be scared!

I really wanted to write this post because one of my biggest fears when I was pregnant were the dreaded forceps. 
My problem is I like to do my research a little too much and when it came to labour and delivery that was no exception, I watched every possible episode of One Born Every Minute, looked at all the labour and delivery posts online and on Youtube. I think I must be a qualified midwife the amount I learnt in that 9 months hahaha. 

I wanted to prepare myself for any and every possibility whilst in labour, but somewhere in the back of my mind I kind of always knew I would need some help. Call me psychic if you like, I also predicted Finley's arrival 3 days before he was born, I was talking to my dad and said that he would appear before the end of the week and he arrived that Sunday at 11:45pm!

Anyway, the amount of horror storys I read about forcep and assisted deliveries was unbelievable, it was like there were no positive experiences out there. Even the episode of One Born Every Minute shown a week before my labour was a horrific forcep emergency that I couldn't even watch. I wont go into detail because if your reading this you have probably already seen/read or really do not want to know.

On the 15th January 2012 and after 2 hours of pushing with no sign of Finley making an entrance the decision was made for me to have a forcep delivery. 'oh crap'.

But it was far from what I expected, I had already had an epidural so I couldn't feel any pain and I was led back so my eyes were averted.

The doctor came into my delivery suite and chatted about what he was going to do, no rushing or any pressure. I wasn't wheeled off anywhere, I just stayed in my room which really helped because the environment was familiar and the same midwife stayed by my side the whole time.

I will go into a little detail here (do not read Dad if you don't want too much information) Skip this if you just do not want the details. 
My legs were raised for the doctor but by this point you really wont be bothered, I had been examined by 4 people 2 of them men....crikey!My dignity was definitely left at the door and picked up a few days later on the way out.
They advised me they had to do a small cut to allow room for the forceps, jeez people - they said it was the equivalent to a 2nd degree tear. Then calmly they advised they were inserting the first forcep - No pain at all. All I felt was a strange squeaking and rubbing sensation, imagine getting a teaspoon and running the edge along the roof of your mouth. Not painful just weird. Then within what seemed like seconds the 2nd forcep was on and we were ready. You still have to push but the doctor does most of the hard work to get the head out. It probably took less than a minute for Finley to arrive, I couldn't believe how easy that was. 

All I wanted to say was don't be scared by the thought of having an instrumental delivery, people are hardly ever shown or told about a happy assisted birth but I'm here to start a trend. 

Finley does have a little scar near his ear but it looks more like a dint, nothing major. He had a cone head but that was more down to my waters going early and was wedged in my cervix.

I will put a few pics of his little cone head and forcep burn below. His rash went within a week or so and his head settled down after a few weeks. He now has the roundest head ever hahaha. 

I really hope this gives at least one person that 'yes, its not that bad' feeling and gives you the courage to not panic and enjoy your labour and delivery regardless :) people only ever tell you scary stories about their friends sisters cousins labour but make sure you tell them about this one and how it was so much better than expected.

I would love to hear your stories and also if you had a similar experience to me? Comment, email or tweet me at beautylifebaby.

You can see the slight forcep line on his cheek

Nothing too major - just a little mark
3 days old with his cone head - the dried blood was from an internal monitor

Finley now with his tiny scar by his left ear
Love Kayleigh x

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