Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ooops another little haul

Well I have done it again, the postman has been knocking on the door and this time he delivered a lovely little parcel from Debenhams....again! I love seeing and reading peoples hauls so I thought you might fancy a look at what I decided to get :) If Matthew asks every item was £1....don't Google these Matt or read any further haha!

First up I headed over to the virtual Illamasqua counter and picked up a cream pigment in Hollow. I first heard about this in a recent Pixiwoo video, Sam was creating a beautiful bronzed prom make up and she used this for her contour....but lets face it she could use an old tea bag and I am sure she would still look stunning! Usually i'm not one for remembering products people use in videos and you can usually find me traipsing back through 10 videos to remind myself what shade a certain red lipstick was. But this looked so amazing and Sam said how perfect it was for fair skin tones so it stuck in my mind for agessss, I headed over to Debenhams but it was out of stock agghhhhh. Luckily it was a short wait and it was there ready for the purchase. I have worn this a few times now and I am hooked, it has no orange tones and is a perfect soft brown shade for anyone struggling to find a 'pale skin friendly' bronzer. If you fancy one you can pick one up here for £17.50, they are out of stock again but check back in a few days and there should be more!

Next up I bought myself a second Mac 217 brush. The lovely Zoe from Mammafulzo was raving about these and she was telling me how you can not only use them for blending eyeshadow but for concealer too. So of course I had to get another, it was more of a necessity than a nonessential. I know I spoke about them last time but I shall have another little mini rave about them now for you :) It has taken me years to take the plunge and finally buy Mac brushes and I would recommend them day after day after day. If you were like me and had just generic brushes here and there treat yourself to a 217 and I promise you will fall in love. I bought mine when they were in the Debenhams sale for around £15ish but you can get yours here for £17.

I bought this lipstick from Boots ageeeees ago and only just found it buried deep in its box unloved. So I have rescued it, used it almost every time I have worn lipstick so thought I would pop it in this haul. It is a Loreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Dating Coral. If you are a regular reader of beauty blogs you will no doubt have seen this being raved about over 12 months ago now but being me I have only just picked up this shade. I own 3-4 Rouge Caresse and love them, they aren't too 'pow, take that lips' so you can get away with wearing them to the park or playgroup but they give enough colour and pizazz to give a swoosh of colour to finish off your make up. Loving them at the mo! Grab yours here from Boots, but if you want a few wait till the 3 for 2 offer is on....looking good whilst saving pennies...the best way to be!

Matt will be happy to know this is the last item I bought! A Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. I have wanted to check out a few eyeshadow bases from Mac for ages so took the plunge and went for something not too OTT just in case it scared me off. When placed over the eyelid I would say it doesn't give me much colour but more evens out the lid and creates a fab base for neutral shadows. I have a few more on my list to try that give more of an eyeshadow look without all that blending, basically I want something for an all over easy look that takes no effort when we have to be out of the door in 5 mins! So far I am very impressed but I do have a few sneaky Maybelline colour tattoos on the way so I shall be comparing the two! If you fancy grabbing a paint pot you can here for £14.50.

Here are a few swatches for you :)
They are looking a little darker than they appear in real life so dont panic, plus I got a little swatch happy and there is probably 3 layers of everything. Oh and I have just realised I missed the 'n' out of painterly Gahhh so please forgive me as I will re-edit but just pretend it isnt there for now.

More exciting news I finally got myself some much needed lighting today YAY. I shall be putting it to the test very soon and hopefully everything will look loads brighter and genenrally more fab. 

Thanks so much for reading everyone :) Hope you have all had a fab day!

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Yay another 217, you just can't have enough 217's!! Thank you so much for mentioning me darling that's lovely :) Cole uses Painterlily on her clients as a base, she loves it :) Love the lipstick too, wash your 217 with fairy liquid and it will stop it shedding, if you have IPA that's fab for spot cleaning if you've used it with powder but for cream products fairy liquid is fab and doesn't break the glue down like shampoo/baby shampoo :) Cole cleans all hers with IPA for powder and fairy liquid for cream and if she runs out of IPA she just uses fairy liquid :) Love your haul :) lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxx

    1. Your very welcome :) I admit I am one for using baby shampoo on my brushes but I shall convert over to fairy liquid now, I hadnt realised it would do that much damage. They are actually all due for a good clean *sigh* I wish they did themselves sometimes :) lots of love xxxxxxxx

  2. I love the lipstick, I just can't pull off the bright colours my skin is too much like a vampires!

    1. lol at Vampire skin :) I bet it would look great, I am really pale too and wear all kinds of colours, plus now you have your fab new hair you could wear a really bright red xx


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