Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Finley's New Threads

A little while ago I treated Finley to some new clothes as he is still growing *hmmmf* and will soon be wearing 18-24 months! When did that happen...where did my tiny 5 pound baby go who wore 'tiny baby' babygrows that were so big we rolled up the sleeves!

I hopped over to the Next website and picked up a few treats for him and a bargain coat! I'm not usually one for buying all brand new clothing as he has grown out of them in a blink of an eye and when you add up the cost it makes me wince slightly lol. But as he will be in these for at least 6 months I dont mind spending a little extra, plus who doesn't like treating their little baby. 

So if you fancy seeing all the goodies I bought for him check out my brand new video below :)

I am still a little nervous but managing to not waffle too much. If you have any video requests or questions as always please let me know. 

Hope you enjoyed and I shall see you very soon with an updated nail varnish post plus a verrrryyy exciting giveaway!!!

Love Kayleigh x


  1. loved the video, you're a natural! and your hair colour is amaaaaaazing!!!

    Love what you bought! oooh do you know though, Tesco had a very similar dragon onesie in the other day - it was either £9 or £13?! Def cheaper than £22 though ... but probably not as nice, don't recall it having a tail!

    Sparkles &



    1. Thanks Hayley - It is so weird sitting there talking to a camera but I am getting used to is...just about. I have more videos planned so hopefully you will spot them. Oh and thanks, I would love to dye it brown but I am too scared haha so I will be red forever.

      I am popping into Tesco sometime this week so I shall be having a look out for them, I do love Next but the cost can add up...hoping I can find one for Mummy too, with a tail of course.



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