Saturday, 8 June 2013

Finley's Fab Personlised T-Shirt

Firstly before we get going how amazing has the weather been so far this week! Wow! We had our first BBQ yesterday lunchtime and even got the paddling pool out...even though in the end the water was far too cold to get in! Any tips to heat up a freeezzzzing pool let me know.

Anyway lets get cracking with chatting about one of the most exciting packages I received for Finley in a while. A few weeks back a lovely lady called Vikki from MiniMe Baby sent me over a tweet and asked if I wouldn't mind reviewing a lovely piece from her fab website. I love finding new websites especially those that stock such great products (especially with a quirky edge) and introducing them to you all, so I happily said yes. After a chat and a browse I chose this amazing personalised T-shirt for Finley....isn't it amazing?

I am a sucker for anything with a name on it and would happily wear 'Kayleigh' T-shirts all day everyday if I could get away with it, so my next best option is to let Finners take the lead in the personalised stakes. 

I asked if we could pop 'Finners' on the front instead of Finley, you know me, I love anything a little different and quirky. I chose a worm for the main picture for the simple reason that he never ever sits still and we always call him a wriggly worm. You can choose your design from the selection they have, anything from cutesy blossom trees for little girls to chunky dinosaurs for those cheeky boys. You can pick from a number of coloured T-shirts and colour schemes but I left this up to Vikki to chose, I do love a surprise.

The whole design is hand appliqued direct onto the T-shirt which amazes me, I watched Kirstie Allsopp's homemade homes once and she was saying how time consuming and intricate it was. And boy can you tell how much effort and care has gone into the design, from the little button for the 'i' and the tiniest bead for the worms eye :D Plus check out how even the stitching is!! And it has a patchwork look....need I say anymore. 

The T-shirt itself is 100% cotton which is perfect for this hot weather and for the tiniest of babies who's skin is still soooo sensitive. I have washed this over and over (around 12 times) to put it to the test because lets face it that's what us mums are interested in...the practicalities of how it stands up in the washer haha. And it has come out perfect, it will need an iron but hey what doesn't! Finley also had a mini accident with a fruit squeezy but with a little vanish the stain came out perfectly! The sizing seems pretty great too, he is in the size 1-2 T-shirt and is currently just growing into 18-24 months clothes, he is only just over 16 months and has very broad shoulders so I'm happy to say the sizing is spot on.

I even emailed asking if you could add a number to the t-shirt and yes you great would this be for a birthday T-shirt for the party or even as a surprise prezzie for the birthday boy or girl :) You can choose anything you want up to 10 Characters so why not get creative. We always call Finley Mr Bun or Mr Sausage....they have stuck since I was pregnant so they were next on my list after Finners. They even said they might be able to get a shark for Fin Yay. What name would you choose to have on a T-shirt? 

Overall I am so pleased with this and would happily purchase another for me Finley :) the total cost is £17 and for all the hand crafting and time that is clearly input it is so worth it, and postage is free. I am even going to frame Finley's once he has grown out of it. These would be perfect for presents, party's and just general fun!
You can check out the MiniMe Baby website here and follow them on Twitter here for all the updates and any new promotions.

Vikki was kind enough to include some extra goodies for Mummy which I have been putting to good use and also a fab organic shampoo body wash combo for Finley that I may actually review separately we are loving so much. Thank you :D

Finley showing off his new bestest top

I just want to say a massive thank you so much to MiniMe Baby for sending us such a wonderful item to review, we are so lucky and Finley is extra happy he can show off his fancy new top. Please head over there and show them some love, the company is a supporter of small businesses and other mums like us, they source UK handmade items so not only will you receive an amazing item through your door you are also helping out the little businesses who could be part time crafters or mum's setting up their business on Maternity leave.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or would like to see any more pictures please let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Wow! What an amazing T Shirt! Love it! X

  2. I am so sad I am far too old to wear one of those, how cool would a mammafulzo t shirt be?? my girls wouldn't quite appreciate one either :( Finners looks amazing in his though and modelled it perfectly :) xxxx

    1. You are defo not too old!! I would love one too, I have a 'sandwich' necklace and everyone who sees it is like hmmmmm Sandwich?? hehe I am doing a photo outakes post soon - keep an eye out for the diva that was Finley the day we took these photos haha xxxxx

  3. This is sooooo sweet! I love the design and wow, how much work has gone into it!

    Lovely item and great review too Kayleigh :)

    Sparkles &



    1. Thanks so much Hayley - I am hoping to do a giveaway soon to win a tshirt so keep your eyes peeled for one for Tyne :) xxx


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