Thursday, 13 June 2013

Finley Photo Outakes

One of my most favourite things to do along with having lye-ins and putting my make up on is taking snaps of that lovely jubbly sausage that is Finley!

You can guarantee that he has 20 pictures for nearly every day of his 1st year, they seem to have dwindled since purely because his hands and eyes are constantly on the lens and we can never get a picture of him sat still. But you can find me still regularly taking little candid snaps on Instagram and proper pictures on the big boy camera....even though now it takes me a lot longer.

When I take pictures for either our little family bundle or snaps for my blog I never delete anything, a little example for you, the last blog post I did I edited and posted a grand total of 6 pictures however I took 42 with products in different lighting, different layouts etc, so you can only imagine how many unused pictures are stored away on my harddrive. Plus I never have the heart to delete anything Finley is in, so here are some photo blunders I thought I would pop up here. I wanted to keep it real and let you all in on the 'behind the scenes' and how 90% of the pictures I take are like this!

I feel bad that there are so many photos hiding away in folders and sub folders that will probably never get used or even looked I am sending them some love and hand picked a few for you to have a gander over. Some are photos from blog posts and others are just general snaps we have taken :) There are soooo many to pick from so here are just a few, some embarrassing (for Finley) others of him wayyyyyy to close up! 

Tiny Little Hairs

Anyone with a baby will know what face this is!

Pumpkin attack - Good job Daddy was on first people

Typical Finley, climbing up my leg with half a face in shot - half my hallway full of baby items!
THE biggest diva you have ever seen in the history of blogging! Quick get this guy some puppies, white lilies and blue smarties! Sheesh!
All this because the grass felt weird!
Not sure if he is keen on his dungarees...or me!

Sorry for the picture overload but I thought it would be fun to share some snaps that I regularly take a peek at just for fun :) If you enjoyed this post and would like another similar please let me know as I have soooo many hidden snaps from when Finley was super duper tiny to a couple of rather embarrassing shots of me!

Thanks so much for reading.

Love Kayleigh x


  1. Aww this is a fab post! I love the first one of him crying - its so sad but so "real"!
    And the filling his nappy face lol. Bless him!!!!

    Definitely should post more of these!!

    Sparkles &



    Posted your blog sale items!

    1. Thanks so much :) he is going to love me when I am older haha. I will do another and pop a few bloopers of me in there haha.

      Thanks so much for posting them out - still waiting for them to arrive but our postmen do whatever they want...we once got post twice in a day because they couldnt be bothered to deliver the day before!!

      speak soon xxx


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