Saturday, 2 March 2013

A little blogging holiday

Well you may have noticed I took a few weeks 'blogging holiday' as life seriously got in the way! They say things come in threes, well the passed week has been 3 x too many = far too much seriousness for me!
 Here is a run-down of just a few bumps in the Bamber road we had - 

There has been a major piece of work Matt and I have been working on which saw me writing, deleting, re-writing then cross referencing about a gazillion documents...for days on end! Luckily that is all singed off now and I can place it in my mind 'work out' tray! 

Finley had his 13 month injections which he was NOT impressed about at all, the poor soul wailed his eyes out after having a total of three short jabs in the thigh (see everything does come in threes). He has had a rough time ever since - meaning mummy also having a rough time of it too :( I will write up in a separate post about the full experience as I could find nothing online when I was frantically searching for symptoms of injections.

Finley just hasn't slept! I really thought we had near enough cracked it, he was sleeping almost 12 hours occasionally waking but after a few minuets would drift back off into a baby slumber, BUT this past week has been crazy! I think this boy has had a serious falling out with the sleep fairy, waking more than a new born, some nights every 20 minuets for hours on end! I am crossing my fingers it was a phase but even as I type I just have that feeling tonight will be another rough one.

Plus this week I am having to make some serious choices about work...hmmm I am still deciding and have no details as yet but I will definitely keep you updated. 

Matt, Finley and I took a lovely day trip out to the lakes with his parents :) They have the most beautiful holiday home out there - I have a million shots to share with you but the one above is me in just a part of their! Our whole house would probably fit twice in just this tiny slice of land haha.

There is probably so much more I have forgotten but I am still getting over a very busy 2 and a bit weeks. I hope you are all doing really well and I have some serious reading to catch up on with all the posts I have missed. 

Let me know how you are all doing? 

Love Kayleigh x

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