Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An afternoon of bubbles and comfy pants..

Every now and then I like to step back and take note of the little things that happen whilst hanging out with that little chap Finners, I love writing milestone posts and jotting down all the dates Finley turned into an even bigger boy than the day before, but sometimes I just want to capture his 'Finley-ness'
Today was one of those moments I grabbed the camera and snapped away, his hair (what he has of it) is all a little skew-whiff, toys are sprawled out over the floor and of course he is head to toe in miss-matched attire...but hey, that's just life with a toddler :D

We recently joined a new class at our local surestart centre called 'Bubbles and Bops', I already knew Finley loved a good boogie and wiggle but he was introduced to his new favourite...bubbles! It had never crossed my mind to pick up any bubbles for him, I'm not too sure why but when I tried to buy some WOW, could I find 1 single tube anywhere...no. They only seem to be sold in mega packs or boxes of 25. So what I ended up buying was a 'mega bubble wand' from Asda with a few bits of shopping - when it came I laughed out loud. It is the size of my arm with the biggest ever wand inside, but for £1 it was worth the investment. I have finally found something other than a Petit Filous to keep Finley intrigued for longer than 10 seconds.
A little bubble burst on his button nose
If you can get your hands on a little tube from your local newsagents I would highly recommend them, cheap and entertaining what more could you want.

Here is a perfect example of Finley's 10 second attention span, he spots one of the cats and he is off. He is a real life baby Ace Ventura and has a strange love for any animal....especially ones that just want to be left in peace and quiet. Sorry Penny Pitstop.
Hands up who dresses like this on days off? *Both hands firmly in the air*
Matt even commented on my cardigan today and said it looked rather strange, my reply was have you not seen me this past 12 months - I dress for comfort now not style...comfy pants are my new have always been my best friend . In a nutshell I only now concentrate on the neck upwards, Hair - Check, Make up - Check, Skincare - Check, Clothes - FAIL. Today I am wearing a union jack racer back, a horse print cardigan, comfy pants and ugg boots with the button missing on one side! Unfortunately Finley sometimes picks up on my strange indoor comfy wear and it is rubbing it off...luckily we dress a little too smart outside of the house so it balances out our randomness. Please let me know I am not the only one?! haha.
Overall we had a smashing afternoon of bubbles glimmering in the sunshine and crawling around in our comfy pants. I hope you enjoyed reading a little slice of our afternoon and would love you to let me know what your favourite moments our with your little one? Or what memories you want to capture in the future.

Love Kayleigh x


  1. We're very big on the mis-matched look here too! If it's cold outside and we're not going anywhere why not like crazy but comfy! lol

    1. Thank you...at least im not the only one! Comfy rules way over style these days lol x


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