Sunday, 17 March 2013

Andrex + Climate Week Update

 A little while back I mentioned that I was asked to take part in Climate week, well, I have tested out some cool products and here are my findings for you all. 
My main reason for joining in with Climate week was to see if along with being a little more Eco we could see if we could save any pennies. I think being more aware of the amount of energy and water your using you can look to cut back a little. 
*a little off track here but thought I would share a tip with you, this week our energy supplier gave us estimated readings for our gas and electricity but we decided to take a note of our actual readings and let them know - you can even text them nowadays! So we got a letter the other day advising us we were nearly £200 in credit and they can pay it too us directly because the summer is on its way, great stuff. It only took 2 mins and we now have a little spends for the month*

The main thing I focused on in Climate Week was looking at our water usage, and boy was I shocked how much we use. 

Within the pack that Andrex sent was a little shower timer that also measures your water usage. 
Well I set it all up and it told me that in only 3 minuets of showering I am using 35 litres of water! Now, I timed myself for an average shower including hair washing, scrubbing and all that jazz...and guess what I was in there for 17 minuets - granted that isn't an everyday pop in and out kinda shower but I was shocked when I worked out the figures (which took me hours because I am rubbish at maths, and are possibly slightly incorrect due to my lack of mathematical skill) 

In total I used 198 litres of water which is the equivalent of 99 2 Litre bottles of Pop! Sheesh!

From some statistics I found on Google here 5 litres of water cost just under 1 pence, not alot but if we could all save a few litres a day by cutting down our shower times, turning off taps when they aren't needed and making sure our washing machines are full when we have them on, the savings could really mount up. 

Another little water/money saver is this Hippo bag, you pop it in your toilet cistern (not the most attractive of jobs, but hey - were all money savers here) and it can save 2-3 litres of water per flush! Great idea if you have a busy household with a big family who are always in and out of the bathroom. 
Overall Climate week really made me more aware of what I was using and how to cut back a little, without even really noticing a change. I am hoping to carry on looking for those little things to tweak and in the long run save the Bamber Household some serious pennies. 

If you would like to have a chance to take part in your own Climate Week then you can, Andrex have been kind enough to offer one lucky ready the chance to win a Eco Pack full of lovely goodies. If you would like a chance to win click here to go to the post and enter away - good luck.

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you have picked up a few little tips.

Love Kayleigh x

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