Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Finleys Favourite.....

I would like to run a regular post every so often on Finley's favourite 'thing' of that week or month. 

It could be absolutely anything from toys to food to games or even a strange habit. 

This week I will mention a few things that he is currently loving,

First off his favourite song, you may be expecting a pop song with an overly catchy tune but no not Finley. He is in love with a song called "French Navy" by Camera Obscura. Have a listen, you will probably recognise it from the sponsorship ad on Come Dine with Me. 

I could put it down to him having cultured taste and already loving music with meaning, but the likely explanation is that I have a un-healthy obsession addiction love for Come Dine with Me and he hears that 3 second Echo Falls ad almost daily.

Another love at the moment for Finley is the cats, great for him not so much for our 2 felines that are getting 'stroked' by tiny grabby baby hands.

He has always had his eye on them but recently he loves to interact with them and reaches for them when they pass by, giggles at them and smiles if they come over to say hello. We are trying to teach him to stroke gently but at the moment he just grabs the biggest clump of fur or an ear. They are so patient and we always supervise cat play so in no time im sure he will learn the basics :) 

Little Grabby and Mr T
Quick snooze on the couch with Mr T

What are your little ones Faves of this month?

Love Kayleigh x

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